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cloud network hunting note: qihoo 360 chairman of the board of directors of the company Zhou Hongyi yesterday in a speech in yabuli, Zhou Hongyi explosive have a chat with jingdong CEO liu, the east elder brother said refrigerator profits as high as 30%, now you also want to do the refrigerator and in the refrigerator filled with sensors, probes, give the refrigerator to everybody. Then, the east elder brother is very excited, said Chinese people eat many eggs every day in the future to ask me.

source: sina finance and economics

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“yabuli entrepreneurs BBS the 15th annual meeting of China” on February 28, 2015 – March 2, held in heilongjiang yabuli. Qihoo 360 chairman of the board of directors of the company profile to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. Here is our profile speech excerpts from:

ali is more than a decade ago as a “liar”

best inside the Internet companies, like Google, like facebook, initially everyone don’t understand, all can’t see, don’t know how to make money, but it made the greatest company. Ali’s horse is always very cow, today there is a $three hundred billion market value of the company, but do you think he is a liar, more than 10 years ago to do taobao free, do pay treasure to free time, also has a lot of people worried about him, don’t know how to make money. Even if you are a person for investment, in the Internet if you want to do investment, may your values will be changed.

there is something that you even can’t see how it can immediately make money, if it can create a product service, can make a lot of users often use it, say it, without it, I think that if we can solve this problem, he will limit the value of. Otherwise it’s hard to understand the origins and fast, every burned the phenomenon of hundreds of millions of money, what is the purpose of his? Put the car into the entrance, you will find the greatly small car company in the country, car rental companies will ask, ‘he said to me a client request, give me a traffic. So the transition in the Internet, many of the biggest obstacles, which is the most simple obstacles, is you temporarily forget money customer relationship, you to want to think how to do the user.

why free is popular in the Internet, reality is often free of charge as a means of cheating. You will find that it is the easiest means of accumulating customer base, so if you can’t establish the concept of user, how do you solve the connection with others? Only have the user have a connection.

I again two examples, such as selling television eldest brother, sold 20 years of TV. The past to sell TV users, there is no relationship with them, to return, or maintenance. And today we look at, like see the electric Letv see machine shipments in fact no meaning, because they have only just begun. Traditional TV manufacturers have smart chip inside, this is a technology, this is not important, it is important to customers to sell the home to which television is after your service has just begun, you didn’t make the client user, you every day and ministered unto him. I recommend today is to give him a few games, recommend a few to him tomorrow love action movies, this will be a subversive. Business is not the same, I sell the TV of 20 years, today I do a television business, this is definitely a gene on the challenge.

support millet pattern

as in LeiJunGang debut, except himself, I’m his approach. Find many handset vendors at the time, I said millet pattern is the mobile phone in 360, a hardware free mode, has great subversive force. A lot of people don’t believe me, everyone from looked down on, can’t see, look not to understand, has been developed to invisible stage now. The lei jun do thorough enough, of course, I will do more thoroughly than he is.

an example I’ll talk about, such as lei jun also cannot avoid custom, he also argue with handset vendors who share would account for the first, it is the duke guan qin shubao thing. Like a star in the Chinese market is the first, but the user to buy home, have nothing to do with this company anymore. He sold one hundred million phones, just did one hundred million times business, and millet bought millet mobile phone users, he is very cognitive millet brand, also with millet variety of service every day, every day with his mobile phone, get millet video or reading service, millet got a customer at the same time, he also got a user, so the value of these two kinds of user, user and customer value are not the same. Is a one-off, and make more is not the same as the user, also somebody laugh at Google, Google one click at least three hair money, a dollar, and hundreds of thousands of advertising can’t than. But then Google to become the world’s largest advertising company, I am thinking, if there are one hundred million users in lei jun he will do after? You use his cell phone every day, he know what are you playing every day, do, have grade, if he had money he knows, maybe lei jun depends on the loan, make P2P financial, will become a big Internet financial companies, rather than by selling mobile money.

liu: Chinese people eat many eggs every day in the future are going to ask my

do manufacturing brothers price war in the past, we all have the bottom line of price war, is nothing but earn earn less. But the Internet has no moral integrity, a man without a bottom line in is no moral integrity of the price war, lei jun says he also according to the specific cost price to sell, you think of the hardware and software, will become the connection between you and the user. So in the future business model would be very different.

have a chat with liu, he said now refrigerator particularly high profits, 30% of the profits. Said do you want to be the refrigerator and in the refrigerator filled with sensors, probes, give the refrigerator to everybody, he is very excited, said Chinese people eat many eggs every day in the future to ask me. Refrigerator can I say, haier can see whose meat is bad, every day to send a piece of fresh again. So this connection has changed, the values of the past are messy, I didn’t invent the Internet mode, lei jun is not invent, but its place for consumers to get an unprecedented increase, and a lot of information asymmetry, many say after they solved the problem, I think is actually changed the business environment, the practice of the business environment in the past may have under the new era are no longer useful, so everyone should consider all that disruption is not really the hardware.

micro letter was a fatal blow to operator

a few years ago operators asked me to do internal communication, sharing of excitement as I finished after the operator who said zhou, please the leadership of the great, then they would never asked me to go to, why? Because I like the emperor new clothes the boy say the truth, I said the next few years some Internet users get operators, I put the word correct you kill, they will never be they will be more and more pain. In recent years they asked me to get back to speak something, because happened in less than three years, overturned WeChat operators.

micro letter has become a basic supply way you, if in terms of money, the original operators have what feeling? You is how to make our network structures, didn’t we take a way is how to run your car, handlebar road overturned they feel do not understand. Who is closest to the user in the value chain in the future, who can lead the user behavior, who can interact with the user, who can become a master in the value chain. Today has been changed, you already know you use apple mobile phone, use the android operating system, software do you use millet, using tencent WeChat, you have nothing to do with carrier is more and more, now what? With every month to buy package. Business hall after think about it, don’t go, with electronic payment bought on the net, or after the free WIFI, everywhere can surf the Internet. Turned network operators didn’t afraid of the past, today you have QQ, weibo, micro letter accounts can call everywhere, it become a pipeline to transport business.

text revenues falling again this year, it won’t for operators bone, because you make money every month, and a minute is inseparable from the operator, but now after a large number of users is taken, you will find that the operator contact with the user was WeChat cut off, from the Angle of Internet loss tens of billions of income, but the user can easily turn, now with the user’s connection was removed, I think that is a fatal blow.

eldest brother, buy insurance?

the battle for two years there are a lot of traditional industry of the eldest brother, you are smarter than us, just say it enough without disturbing, after a disturbing, original insurance industry the most hated us (editor’s note: 360 a phone APP will display according to online marking strange caller id, so insurance sales calls a score you don’t have to meet to know each other to do), the east elder brother looking for me, the insurance industry had reduced to very bitter phase, call the eldest brother to buy insurance? First reaction is to put the telephone hang up and I launched hundreds of millions of users against the insurance company, a see call sign is insurance did not pick up. So I often being black, because I do broken people experienced too much. The east elder brother come to see me, I esteem, talk to the east elder brother, the future of the Internet age should let users perception, users don’t want to answer your phone, it is hard to perceive. Dongsheng the eldest brother said later, we give the user free insurance value of insurance.

everyone by plane, the aircraft flight insurance of the forced selling $20, you don’t want to, is now free to buy. Many people feel that the trouble, dongsheng to send a free flight insurance. In fact, for many users feel valuable, you should be free to insurance, can easily achieve tens of millions of users, all need not to make so many phone, users really recognized you, really chanting taikang could listen to you speak other more valuable insurance seriously, you have a lot of have the opportunity to communicate with users.

peace recently did a similar thing, is free on the Internet, many traditional businesses in thinking that I don’t want to make money, want to do something first, even across borders to do something, I can launch a user, make the user feel valuable. Even as operators, in front of the WeChat offensive is less than three years, the trend will form the avalanche effect. Finally who can master the user, even if tencent ma current market value is not the highest, but he definitely is the most powerful Internet company in China, because he controls all the user’s connection relations, he know you too well. Who master the user, who is the creator of the next value.

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