Young gentleman to complete a new round of millions of dollars, adhere to the semi-finished products fresh community to the model

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semi-finished raw electricity “young prince dish convective cloud network confirmed that has now completed the third sum of millions of dollars in financing, the investor for the policy source, vc and peace is very serious.

between two rounds of financing, Ren Mu team gradually developed from 3 people to 60 people, the core team also introduced the original DHL logistics director, has more than 20 years experience in executive chef and dietitian at the national level, the original treasure together such as offline channel director to help. In addition, young food jun continues to build from the factory to the communities of main logistics logistics team, the central factory total area of upgrading to nearly 2000. So far, the youth food your offline building the existing 34 community to the point, at the end of march is expected to expand to the 50 community, at the end of June in chaoyang haidian area layout to the 200 communities, etc.

after the face for a long time to maintain a physical store the extension rate, investors, the media are in doubt, why young gentleman development is so slow? Co-founder of the youth food king Ren Mu convective cloud network, said: “the surface does not represent all. Although face the question of the outside world, but we actually very focused, in full swing to the internal construction of the work. Short term although there is no present large-scale expansion, but in the core team construction, community layout, offline team we are all in the construction of steady. It also demonstrates why we give their positioning is not a pure Internet company, but a focus for semi-finished raw electric business platform for the 020.”

choosing the key point lies in the pattern of the success or failure of the semi-finished products fresh, home delivery, concentrated distribution or to the model, will directly affect the logistics cost and the profit space. Ren Mu convective cloud network, said: “the community since the lift must be the future main direction of the development of the youth food jun. In November 2014, the first with the function of cold chain community since the container has been in place, by the third party and community convenience store, post, etc by dividing into the cooperation to lay the community to the point. White-collar crowd is given priority to, estuary metro subway compared to the user community age structure are more diverse. Age structure is high, the price sensitivity of strong, pay obstacles are mostly offline community development factors to consider. Therefore, in the development of community youth food king must stand is, will choose to cooperate with the third party payment, can pay in cash, older people are more likely to accept. User as long as one day in advance at the party on 21 inch tablet orders and the next day can go to get.

there will be someone there to suspect that the next order will affect the user experience, try to change the user habit. Like to plan ahead ingredients, community since tomorrow, not the door delivery way, etc. Ren Mu convective cloud network said, in fact my first also has the worry, but in fact these habits change price is very low. Semi-finished products are just need, high frequency products, in view of the logistics cost is high, users have sufficient reason to change an existing user habit, method of reservation and the selection, save to buy food, wash dishes, trim vegetables for cooking and other toil in costs from the program. Semi-finished products are just need, high frequency products, in view of the logistics cost is high, users have sufficient reason to change an existing user habit, method of reservation and the selection, save to buy food, wash dishes, trim vegetables for cooking and other toil in costs from the program. The

youth food gentleman in a camp near the MTR station often offline since the store opening soon, plus the huilongguan storefront, there in total there will be two metro store. But the subway is a long way from the user scene, after the subway may have to transfer to a bus or a load to the home, and the subway store pattern is very heavy, why young food gentleman should adhere to the development of metro storefront?

Ren Mu convective cloud network, said the terminus of the subway station is home to many people, people have enough advantage, to promote the brand, strengthening brand awareness, is extremely advantageous. Raw and semi-finished products has a strong regional restrictions, it is very important to the user’s experience. Under limited resources, through the rigorous calculation of supply, to those who wait finally converted to users, the user repeat rely on habit.

and after more than a year of exploration and observation, the young food gentleman is also very good control of the user’s consumption behavior, such as the order quantity on Monday will be far less than the other four days working days the order quantity, order needs good weather will far outweigh the order demand of haze weather, etc., make the youth food in less complicated to operate, even stores there will be no inventory pressure.

in addition to accelerate development line, products are the most should focus on team, directly determines the user’s experience and retained. Better good, like it or not, the operation is simple, food functional at four o ‘clock this has been the main direction, of the young food king insisted that the user experience in the first place.

as for the profit space, Ren Mu convective cloud network said, far higher than mass speculation profit space. And for home delivery of fresh 020 merchants, the lowest cost of logistics will be pressure to 10 yuan, and the pattern of community to the youth food jun’s advantage is obvious.

the current youth food jun has already reached the amount of 300 a day, also launched the young gentleman PC and mobile website version 2.0, WeChat and number of operations and WeChat etc. Various payment will get through, accelerate the offline layout and structural adjustment,

Ren Mu convective cloud network, said the semi-finished products fresh market is far from saturation, even in the wild state, if you want to change the traditional way of fresh buying, Ren Mu declared his support for more and more people try to enter, just a young food king to warm the market is still difficult.