You shout: a location to share, and acquaintances social attributes on inspection of the artifact

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good navigation tools emerge in endlessly, the navigation tools in achieving a single function can be more perfect. Hunting cloud network know a new product for you, to learn the essence of these good tool, is trying to present to the masses of users a comprehensive navigation tools, can achieve the congregation of the way, people search, on inspection, social is a body comprehensive mobile navigation tool . Can save a lot of mobile phones for the user resources, also save time for the user at the same time, a mobile navigation efficiency.

now, for you can phone real-time tracking, accurate positioning, mobile intelligent navigation and instant friends communication, and other functions, is currently has around 300000 users. Find you yet in life scene and the crowd is very widely used, the main function USES can be used to: couples on inspection (small three), the boss ZhaQin (lazy), cluster set (alone), parent child against wandered off (trafficking), children, the old man no one against lost (help), travelers can team against left behind (mode), etc., (, and so on, actually function not wrong, wrong in user ).

the the development of science and technology is seen as a double-edged sword, a sign of social progress should be the embodiment of the people’s basic rights are fully and respect, and mobile phone positioning is just show the high-tech development of human privacy plunder, so find you shout will make people get into privacy concerns? . is worth, because you is a location with friends, both need to install and register for you, if you want to achieve positioning between both sides, must want to add as a friend to each other, namely orientation before has be viewed the person’s consent, even if registered users to download for you, if not the exposure, hidden function at any time you can set the position and refused to be traced, so there is no privacy issues. In addition, the company will strictly confidential user data, does not exist the problem of privacy.

tell hunting cloud network team, you find god not only can realize the share location, location, location, voice intelligent navigation function, also can realize cluster called and instant messaging.

if you’d like to call a friend to family gatherings, or planning a weekend weekend trip together, gather landmarks can be set on looking for you yet leave a voice message to call friends at the same time, reduce the one-to-one called social the embarrassment, let each people who want to participate in are not left behind. In addition, looking for you, each to a place, can write down the mood, record your own footprints, and to send to a friend at the moment of mood, or Shared to weibo, micro letter, etc.

you shout rate snow YanXueYang belongs to Beijing science and technology co., LTD. Team currently has a general manager, a product, Obama two UI, three operating personnel, six to push people. The outline of products from February 2014 fade-in, to the suffering of the 3, 4 month to work overtime; Debate, since February to April is around the corner, the team said that recently they are in contact with capital, hoping to get financing for the next step development as soon as possible.