You need to hire a hacker? Hacker ‘s List make your dream come true

cloud network hunting note: can you believe it? “Hacker” is no longer used to be formidable. Hacker’s List is a special anonymous hire professional Hacker’s web site, the purpose is to solve intrusion system in people daily life needs. The legitimacy of the field, and many other aspects, however, it seems, are still controversial.

Hacker’s List is one of the first dedicated to serving customers with “professional” the Hacker’s web site. Can you believe it? Now almost everyone has going into something, such as websites, such as personal information, and so on. And this site is dedicated to set up to provide this service.

since November last year running, Hacker ‘s List for hackers website a total of more than 400 users post. Website publicly about hackers from more than 70 resumes, but many of them are in a state of “diving”.

“shouldn’t hire a hacker is difficult, we think to find a trustworthy professional hackers should be easier, not to have a headache.” Description wrote.

the idea of people has changed, hacking is no longer regarded as such a risky task is only applicable to the international spy.

of course, Sony Pictures system certainly brillant sophisticated attack means. But most of the time, people will need a hacker to help them do some trivial and ordinary.

let’s say someone doubt their spouses have cheating behavior. He can register and then on the Hacker “s List website anonymous submissions, indicate the bid,

Hacker ‘s List website there is a series of various requirements – they call it the “Project” (subject), from the invasion of the MAC to tamper with the academic performance.

when a user Posting to write their own demand, hackers can respond to the user, to explain your plans to fulfil the task and plan. Then the user can choose from to return to the hacker, mainly according to the price and availability. Both sides (users and hackers) to finalize the price, the user will complete a down payment for hackers. (but the Hacker “s List website said all payment will be made by it for safekeeping, until after the completion of the Project settlement for both sides.)

users to the hacker’s bid price range between $1 to thousands of dollars. Such as there is a post is for hackers to remove certain content and images from the search engines. The seller claimed that are willing to offer $4000. Post your job using this web site, of course, does not mean that a hacker will automatically take the job: many posts have no candidates, because many of the post can’t even write bid.

in recent years, data leakage accident seems to become more popular than ever before. Hacker ‘s on the List that satisfy user needs hackers are freelancers, its experience and technical level are also different. But Mashable’s chairman Warren claims that everyone should be aware of “our privacy and security is also limited, data leakage is impossible.”

how to guarantee the safety of the site? Hacker ‘s List website using the user password protection and generate software (similar to LastPass), and dual certification. Certification will require the user to input password and one-time generated code, specifically to protect the user’s E-mail account and computer system. These are to enhance the security of the website, making it harder to be invaded.

online recruitment hacker is not new. Even more shocking is the service really is legal. For example, is similar to this website, and free consultation of 1-888 number and online customer service. There is even a special recruitment website evaluation the hackers website, if what’s the problem, for example, a user can consulting Hacker ‘s List of special personnel responsible for dealing with disputes.

of course, it is still questionable legality. Although the site terms and conditions of the ban on “to the illegal intention to use the service”, but there are some things, such as the invasion of other people’s private email, from a legal perspective is almost absolutely illegal.

according to the New York times reported that Hacker ‘s List since founding of the people fear not publicity. Report said, founder of consulting did to guide the design of the site structure, to avoid the site for the user’s illegal (either the user for illegal intentions for hackers, or a hacker took the living). The site is registered in New Zealand.


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