Yi letter free telephone: Spring Festival’s eve new peak in the morning

during the Spring Festival, yi letter to each user presented the telephone time 999 minutes of the Spring Festival, on New Year’s eve at the peak of activity online also ushered in the New Year the Spring Festival.

data show that in the day of the day, easy letter new phone in New Year’s eve at its peak, but every phone call talk time is not long, should be just a simple New Year greetings. And then, in the first 9 PM to 10 PM also presents a new small peak, in the afternoon around 2 o ‘clock New Year call number is not as good as New Year’s eve in the morning, but every call duration generally in 20 to 30 minutes, it is also a detailed communication with each other, or recall once upon a time, or plan for the future, so the duration will be long.

it is known that users only need to install the latest version of easecredit mobile App, can on February 19th (on) to February 24 (annual people) during any period, give 999 minutes of phone use. On the eve of the Spring Festival, easecredit team to ensure that all users call line stability and bearing capacity, has been underway for three line expansion, expansion after the line capacity will be tripled.

according to the relevant person in charge of letter said, now yi letter to launch the Spring Festival of 999 minutes free call New Year activities, its principle is to use the latest mobile Internet and telecom operators the underlying technical support voice calls, call way on their mobile phones while peaceful, free call national cell phone or landline number, while the called party need not install any software, call process does not produce flow and any additional costs.

in addition, easy letter during the day to the annual which has arranged relevant technical team and customer service staff 7 * 24 hours on duty, emergency breakdown in time and solve the user questions. According to introducing, this “Spring Festival easecredit telephone free play” does not need to receive no conditionality, users to download or update to the easy to the latest version of the letter can see the activity entry and detailed instructions.

this year in a “best wishes you choose in what way?” Survey, voice call New Year accounted for 35%, in fact, often can be real-time voice calls the most direct emotional distance closer, said from the emotional needs, sounds can convey temperature also is far better than the cold words.

and easy to believe on the one hand free phone can solve the problem of money, also agree with the new trend of the current voice calls, and the call quality and the ordinary telephone is no different from, in the entire process of conversation, don’t take any network traffic. This has both the advantages of traditional phone again to join the voice of the Internet and communication technology has become a popular way of communication at present.

easy letter head also foreign, said the campaign in huimin benefit as a starting point, special preferential custom launch New Year Spring Festival activities. If, in accordance with local, long-distance calculating average the price of 2 cents per minute, easy letter during the Spring Festival will save at least 200 yuan fee for each user.