YesOffer: push the talent agent mode focus for top talent in the service

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the Internet how to transform headhunting industry? Have search genetic YesOffer are trying to do it. YesOffer is a focus in the service of high-end talent recruitment website, do the thinking of recruitment and is not the same as the conventional mode of some in the market now. They launched the high-end talent agent mode, the service personnel, meet the talent as the core, the logic behind this practice is what?

according to cloud network understanding, hunting YesOffer recruitment services mainly for software development, product management, UX/UI, four big data fields. for senior talent Internet have a certain working experience, basically won’t go to active resume recruitment website , but they need more excellent opportunity to meet the needs of their own professional advanced. Their demand for “work” the scene more low-key, also hope to get professional and personalized service. Where there is demand there is market, that is what Yesoffer opportunities, of course, Yesoffer are dedicated to do it.

YesOffer founder and CEO feng hui said, “the tradition headhunting only 1-2 position introduced to people. In YesOffer, through accurate matching in our platform, you can find dozens of may if it meets the requirements of people expect to position, we will according to the requirement of the talent, the anonymous resume to recommend the most suitable business. In YesOffer, excellent talents and received several companies interview invitation is very common. We want to do is change the traditional pattern of talents to apply for a job, make the enterprises to evaluate.”

“professional brokers” one-stop service

although is finally paying customers, but the talent is the core of supply and demand. YesOffer adhere to the talent as the center, always standing on the ground of talent to make product decisions, on the experience of the polishing of products and services.

first of all, each registration by the people, have their own “professional brokers” one-stop services. To understand and help people discover, makes the full display the anonymous resume, pushed to match all enterprises and arrange interview.

second, talent selection position information by help of matching algorithm and brokers, undertake personalized job recommend, provide a full service from online to offline. In addition, the enterprise information highly transparent, the greatest degree of talent to eliminate the asymmetry of information, to ensure the talent of the initiative.

in the end, senior talent is looking for a job when all hope to keep a low profile and avoid the risk of privacy led to, avoid harassing phone calls. YesOffer shielding current and previous employers for talents. Only agreed to use “anonymous resume recommended” mode, after the interview, companies can gain talent real-name resume and contact information. The interview notification, enterprise’s questions and so on all through the micro letter public pushed to the talented person phone number, relatively convenient also more intimate.

quality over quantity, encourage members to recommend

YesOffer adhere to the concept of “refinement not much”, through strict screening and artificial audit, raise the talented person registered threshold, to ensure high quality talent pool. According to hunt cloud network understanding, since the launch, has quite a few of the top talent in YesOffer accept professional agent service, 90% of the recommended talent for enterprise interview invitation, won several offer 50% talent, offer an average annual salary of more than 400000.

YesOffer encourage members to recommend talents, now more and more new registrant is recommended by the members, according to a cloud network understanding, hunting YesOffer gathered on various types of Internet companies, which includes both alibaba, baidu, such a mature listed companies, there are also such drops a taxi, anju guest, quick start-up and growth companies.

Feng Lian fai technology development trends have their own views, “mobile devices as catalyst, make the Internet more quickly and thoroughly to change people’s way of life. recruiting is fast mobile , so our products from the start, the demand for mobile phone user friendly, including and WeChat platform, the combination of both, the shape of a little bit of change in traditional recruitment and executive search.”

“enterprise competition for talent, now is better than a talent competition for jobs, talent in a dominant position in the recruitment, especially in the high-end talent, this is a big trend. If Posting jobs and sell resume is 1.0 times the Internet recruitment, and vertical social recruitment, recruitment, crowdsourcing represent a 2.0 era, so dedicated to talent service, win the talent, is 3.0 times of Internet recruitment in the future.” Feng Lian hui said.

Solution to a business model,

the enterprise demand for passive talent gap is YesOffer brings the value of the enterprise. Company single-handedly hard digging in a limited time to these passive talent quality, especially start-ups and fast growing businesses. Are doing and that’s what YesOffer, headhunting agencies will base on the market at present, in accordance with the standard rate 20% 35% annual salary, YesOffer charge 15% of the annual salary, comparison, YesOffer have a certain advantage.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting Feng Lian fai was a high-end executive search firm partner SES, helped venture capital and private equity firms and multinational companies and Chinese TMT companies seeking and recruiting senior talents in China . Has also served as quick company vice President in charge of product management and development, is also the founding members of many silicon valley technology companies, such as Expert Edge, Future Labs and WebEx communications. After the WebEx communications had been listed on nasdaq, acquired by cisco to billions of dollars.

the author thinks that, 51 job and zhaopin is 1.0 on behalf of Internet recruitment, focused on Internet industry pull hook, zhou botong, focus on the financial industry’s financial circles, focus on real estate industry to win only net recruitment 2.0 category, each has its own advantages. Technically, this is not YesOffer competing goods, with its relatively competitive relationship may include cooperated nets, hunting this kind of online and traditional headhunting company.

actually cooperated, hunting on the high-end recruitment website is essentially a “ search subcontract platform “, third-party recruiter by means of the platform to help enterprises find need talent, focus on services for the enterprise, YesOffer talent agent model is more emphasis on talent of service, a bit like a star broker. traditional search firms are more dependent on good headhunter’s personal resources, often 20% complete performance, 80% of the time is long, liquidity is very big, development bottleneck. YesOffer talent agent does not exist the problem that has more emphasis on service consciousness, talent and the demand on YesOffer docking platform, not only the cost is low, the efficiency is high.

it is known that YesOffer is currently in Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, guangzhou and shenzhen five cities on service. YesOffer talent agent + O2O model will work, also need to market inspection, remains to be seen.