YC incubation Moltin: just a few lines of code can add electric business functions to your application

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the three founders Moltin came up with a solution to solve the problem they face deep-rooted, as members of the class 2015 YC winter, like many senior members, their entrepreneurial project was born from their own needs.

in this case, they’re working for a British design agency, found to add a e-commerce website features such as a shopping cart is too difficult, and often also very expensive.

to do so, they decided to create a framework based on the API to simplify, the framework become Moltin, the idea of it is for developers to simplify adding the function of electronic commerce, as long as through a few lines of code to achieve, the CCO Moltin Adam Sturrock explains.

as long as write some code, you can link to electric business functions, such as links to a shopping cart or checkout page. Add blog for non-technical applications, such as components, electronic commerce also simplified, as long as can call create HTML controls.

now, there are 1600 developers on the platform, five or six real-time install API, around 30 apis are being developed, Sturrock said.

a free trial version can be used to store and 30 API calls, 0.2 GB of storage space, and an administrator account. When to expand the scale, based on the number of API calls and the storage space used by a monthly fee, starting at about $49 a month 300000 API request, 1 gb of storage space and unlimited administrator account.

Moltin team also designed for different price products content creative block, just pull the slider can see the product details of each price level.

in about 18 months ago, Moltin to development in the UK, they joined the accelerator called Ignite 100 projects, and raise some money and added some function, and then in a few months ago moved to San Francisco, a part of YC plan.

in fact, want to go to the us, they need to apply for a passport, and interview to join YC.

in the project is about to be solved, Sturrock said to join YC is a great experience. To join the YC is not their first time to accelerate, so they thought they knew what to expect, but in fact YC on a slightly different – in a good way.

“surprisingly YC works great,” Sturrock said. “Long tense experience, YC let us rethink how to describe the products, and better sales.”

after the first two weeks, YC help build out of the site, and let people logged in, also write the getting started guide, let people can quickly to fit in and make services more perfect.

Sturrock said, YC partners sales approach, has been trying to try dealing with the agent directly, but found that agents tend to use more sophisticated products, such as Magento or Shopify.

the YC partners later realized using product developers will be willing to try, so the launch of the free version.

the YC partners find existing solutions for developers are too complicated and too expensive — and if developers destroyed their own solutions, will be forced to maintain.

Moltin provide basic building blocks, trying to make it easier for the user.

“people don’t need big, bloated system,” Sturrock said. “We need to let user to use no longer pain.”

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