XinYou interconnected do handle, behind what greater imagination?

on February 3, hunting cloud network messages (text/jing-jing fan)

when the era of nes game controllers is almost out of the 70, 70 after the memory, even the Microsoft XBOX controller 90, 00 after also quickly produce aesthetic fatigue, with the advent of mobile Internet, game handle a return again. Millet, UC mobile Internet giants have layout, early began to preempt the console market. In addition to the traditional giants, new startups are also beginning to kill into the bureau, and the results appear in succession, the XinYou handle is one of them.

XinYou handle is XinYou Internet development, a smart game handle. The company was established in February 2014, has received nearly thousands of angels, A wheel for tens of millions of yuan after shot. Team members from the net dragon 91, baidu, and qihoo 360, tencent and other famous IT company’s core staff. In addition, XinYou also owns a from of several well-known hardware company, hardware team, team members mainly from foxconn, mediatek, pro, amoi, etc.

recently, XinYou handle officially on sale, the market price is 168 yuan. As early as the end of 2014, XinYou wireless game controller once tested invite future store in baidu, the first release 200 to apply for the trial, 14 days application experience of users has reached 27858 people.

a lot of people may be to XinYou, even companies such as millet, UC for game handle so much surprised, after all, in the age of video games or computer games handle just as a game equipment, as a supporting role. But in the era of mobile Internet, game controllers may decide a game of life and death. If you are the three types of diabetes and educational, recreational, card tower defense and other types of tour players, hand handle existence does not. But for the athletic type, role playing action such as relation between mobile game players, the handle is can lead to better control the “honey”. But after decades of contour design, button layout evolution, handle the handling of the players has become the most ergonomic equipment, make the player can relaxed experience action mobile game pleasure of entertainment.

XinYou interconnected launched “XinYou wireless game controller

XinYou handle is now the biggest advantage is the Android and iOS double system support, and can be with a smartphone, tablet, TV and other size screen adaptation, greatly expand the console application scenarios, XinYou handle can help players moving scene or scenes that occupy the home can be on different intelligent devices with the same players to play the same game.

in addition to the handle, XinYou also have handle the game center APP development, in this game center, built more than 2000 games, shooting, fighting, sports competition and other stand-alone and network. Users in the use of the handle, can from the game the handle in the terminal hall looking for the right game, realize a key link, the user can simply use process to experience points.

XinYou interconnection, founder and CEO of grass grain had said, but it will XinYou along the game center + game handle the lines of business to do more things, such as service distribution, social game, game developers and game hardware, etc. In fact, since to do distribution platform game, realized that way and not just rely on hardware, imaginary space will be bigger, such as advertising alliance, behavior analysis, game big data, etc.

the grass grain said, whether the wireless game handle or handle the game center, XinYou hopes to march with a third party hall or gamepad establish good connectivity, currently XinYou wireless game controller can obtain such as KO video city, grape halls and so on several big game hall of support, and TV side also has a lot of support XinYou handle game hall.

there is no denying the fact that the single for a games console market, developed want to do is not so easy, the entire game intelligence hardware market is need players, such as CP and platforms work together to develop in an all-round way. A mature intelligent hardware market game, is the need to go to, the downstream industry chain to form complete, the product should be diversified. Predictably, the game intelligence hardware peripherals and excellent heavy mobile game or a billions will be under the influence of an important part of the level of market growth.