Xi makeup: transformation of female anchors the door model CEO, with “makeup” open the door O2O shape

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girls love beautiful nature, the influence of the tide of Japan and South Korea, Chinese girl is more and more pay attention to shape their own charm. 020 mobile Internet brings beauty industry development opportunities. Have manicure, beautiful eyelash, make hair such as door-to-door service has been rapid development. Beaver family has done a “door-to-door beauty yet” brand effect, gradually allow the user to open up to the industry O2O, and entrepreneurs have a variety of opportunities to see the beauty industry market.

in February launched xi makeup to plan through the modelling market, broken beauty industry in 020. Makeup on the xi at present main user groups is white-collar workers over 30 years of age, they have strong consumption power, but at the same time, xi makeup are also targeting in student users, because they found that gradually students groups to hold an open attitude towards new things more, is higher on the acceptance of the Internet, the group of female college students become beautiful is just need. Current WeChat platforms, like makeup provides the modelling of two price options: 398 yuan (1000 yuan of above the market price) and 998 yuan (market price 3000-3000 yuan, and exclusive stylists are artists). Stylist will generate a report of each order feedback, and the user can also according to the experience and the report of stylist, evaluation, etc.

as a host of Wang Cong itself is know as the pain points of women love the demand, hand and a large number of outstanding stylist resources, closer to stylist survival present situation, whether from the user perspective or from the perspective of stylist, pain points more accurate grasp. On the one hand, the beauty of the artist, the modelling of a complete component, professional stylists have enough professional and aesthetic will be artists create glamorous, ordinary girl has beautifully on demand, also hope to have the opportunity to come into contact with the top modelling opportunities; , on the other hand, the stylist is a schedule is highly stable careers, face a lot of free time, such as a month may have half a month is a gap, need a platform to ensure that can fill the cost of professional uncertainty . Xi makeup is to make it a docking platform, break the barrier of the modelling of market information, build a platform, not to a model of supply and demand balance state.

Wang Cong tell hunting cloud network, beauty industry don’t like taking a taxi, ordering food and other industries, as long as the final sitting in the car, eat the rice. Relatively beauty industry consumers more strict, the modelling division team service requirements are higher. Therefore, xi makeup and similar door model the service of the biggest difference lies in the quality control of master degree, and Wang Cong believed that only put quality as the core, to ensure that the user’s trust in the platform, to build a benign cycle of .

on the stylist of barriers to entry, or makeup to control is very strict, like targeting in second – and third-tier make-up artist exclusive stylist group. a line of top makeup artist monthly income can reach 100000 or so, they have enough income, and the second line three wire artist’s exclusive stylist income of around 30000, but a lot of time, has the very big development space .

choice of modelling division standards, adhere to the selected mode similar to the jingdong, instead of taobao’s low threshold model. Current xi makeup modelling division in the library has about 100 people, but the real present users only 40 of the selection of stylist, each show stylist is more than 3 years working experience, professional degree, awareness and its image talked is to guarantee the high level, ensure the user’s experience. Commend to stylist, adopting the mutual mode, each other are the same, the number of control can let each stylist to work, have a strong sense of belonging and dependence on platform. For the library of stylist, might be because image problem cannot be selected, it may be that some focus more on makeup modelling division skills, ignore the hair not selected, or makeup can enhance the overall level of the stylist through training. On the career planning of stylist, makeup can put yourself in for stylist consideration, provide other similar platform can not provide added value of career development.

in addition, xi on makeup page display pictures are also high standard, whether it is the head of stylist, display, or display figure, are strict standard, take diagram to show all of them are oneself.

on quality walk tall route at the same time, the product also need ground to win more users. Wang Cong convective cloud network said: “modelling needs is actually very value scenarios, there won’t be that high frequency, 4 to 6 times a month is relatively high. Investors are worried about the users in the field of use frequency of how many, even with this requirement, also won’t broke out in a short period of time, so we have to grounding gas, encompass more users. That we adjust the direction, hair makeup is a separate, namely hair makeup separation, let the user the usage scenario is lighter.”

separated by makeup, hair, day-to-day work modelling processing direction, relative to the hair makeup consumption has the characteristics of high frequency, more can let users decision-making time cost, money costs are reduced, the user’s psychological acceptance threshold is reduced, it is easier to open the user’s heart, pull up users, thereby to funnel type screen out advanced users. This play is also a certain extent solved the hair and makeup modelling division market skills disequilibrium problem, some stylist are better at makeup modelling, while others are better at hair style. In addition, the separation of makeup, hair is opened the market, expand the imagination space. “Man’s demand for hair modelling also is very strong,” Wang Cong convective cloud network said. Good hairstyle, mei-mei bean as salon O2O are mostly drainage to the store, is not very strict to the aesthetic needs of stylist, xi makeup platform, not simply a barber shop business personnel can complete the user requirements for the modelling of hair, the hair stylist more high aesthetic requirements.

xi makeup plan began in April in wangjing for makeup, hair separation of pilot. Wangjing area of fashion culture is relatively heavy, introduce more easily. 299 monthly hair modelling package, for the first time experience 9, stylist on-call half an hour. To the hair stylist demands, is to beautify hair experience more than eight years of full-time modelling division. With full-time constraint platform stylist, even to pay a fixed salary, but this way of management are healthier, fixed cost and calculate positive income also more clear.

xi on makeup team currently has nine people, since the launch on February 1, a month or so of the early stage of the commissioning, adhere to the core serves for the user modeling, in order to open the market faster, adjust course, made the breakthrough point, the modelling of hair of do subtraction for product concentration. Most of the promotion are resources replacement, almost zero cost, also adopted the way of promotion, such as enterprise salon for baidu, CCTV, such as the provision of enterprise field experience. Wang Cong convective cloud network, said xi on makeup business model is infinite, but actually reach much higher, also need to follow in the footsteps of market step by step. Is 2 to 3 months, like makeup a complete App version.