Xi duo duo CEO confederates jie: by playing the broken empty net market, the millet, hate and love


in 2014, the air purifier is absolutely the outbreak of the year, by the end of 2014 air purifier has more than 500 enterprises. Consumer is the edition, an empty net which is strong? Recently, attracted the attention of hunting cloud network, in this battle, what makes it take market, have their own place? The future can also how to play? With these questions, hunting cloud network CEO interviewed xi duo duo confederates, to see how he answer.

air purifier on 888 yuan?

the core index of air purifier is CADR, xi duo duo dust air purifier CADR reached 450 cubic meters, suitable for in 33-60 square meters of family. CADR, of course, is not absolute, or sold for 14800 yuan IQAir CADR will not only 440 cubic meters. Another indicator to measure air purifier is filter material. Xi duo duo have adopted 3 m to provide H13 medical grade HEPA filter, nearly 100% of purification efficiency to 0.3 micron particles, not only is in 1000 yuan price, even in the 5000-6000 yuan price are few products can use. Xi duo duo users hope to afford, with the good product, in addition to the machine 888 yuan, replace the HEPA filter price is 148 yuan, activated carbon filter price 99 yuan.

why do air purifier

the seriousness of the fog without redundancy, recently, surging news post Peking University research team: 31 city by the size of PM2.5 dead 260000 people “. Confederates jie convective cloud network, said that Germany is direct drinking water faucet, even a baby can be directly drinkable. He is the father of a six-year-old child, his childhood isn’t so serious air pollution, in order to children’s health, xi duo duo want to make a really empty net products, let the child can breathe the fresh air. Confederates jie hope to be able to bring home more happiness, health. So, the brand is named “xi duo duo” such a name sounds very festive.

confederates jie also tells the story of some of his own experience. Multimedia teaching equipment in Beijing do before 2010, an empty net market just developed, chose the broad air purifier, do the dealer. In 2013, sales of 17 million. Rich experience in business, with keen sense of market, and familiar with empty net products, make your own product idea can be achieved. Confederates jie was candid, it also encountered a lot of problems, make products to distributors need more money, no money to do, he will give yourself when investors, and took out the savings over the years, after a period of contact, xi duo duo product 14 came to the beginning of this year, by a well-known OEM factory in shenzhen.

$888 air purifier losing money?

many users can’t buy cheap air purifier is the main reason for worry cheap useful? Above introduced xi duo duo now that have such a good performance, the 888 yuan of air purifier losing money? Confederates jie said: “the current limit is the main reason of the price of air purifier sales, less mould cost and manufacturing cost is high. So the air purifier is generally priced at 2000-3000 yuan. ? Air purifier seemingly cake is very big, real sales are only a few big enterprises, for now our manufacturing cost is very high, at least it is not profitable, but believe that with the increase of product sales, this’ lose money ‘will be better.”

millet purifier release let he made the decision to cross the rubicon

2014, indeed as expected empty net abnormal market boom, the current domestic market of the brand of more than 500, but still occupy the main market share to foreign brands. Domestic firms are all want to take advantage of the prior to formation of the market order, a slice of this action. The emergence of millet, as usual, to break the balance for the time being. Aside from copying, quality also put aside and only see the price, can only say that the Internet was thinking, most manufacturers.

although consumers will scold those who steal from Bermuda, but was pleased to see the price, millet this constraint also let xi duo duo from these mistakes, product quality is good, but awareness is not high, not like the international big shop sign, make consumers high price to buy a brand in mind. So, xi duo duo login jingdong the raise, to 888 yuan at a low price for the market, let the consumer to have a real understanding of its quality, with quality to word of mouth publicity.

cloud network hunting noticed the confederates jie to mainstream empty net products to buy. “Same quality than price, same price” grasps this point of view, hunting cloud network requirements like duo duo do a horizontal contrast, confederates jie appear confident, open international brand products, nearly all of the price, once made the author feel it on ah, how tall is raised after dismantling, mesh sealing is not enough, activated carbon quantity too little. Successive down several machine, also it’s about the situation. The confidence of the confederates jie has made no secret of their products, he also believes that: “only the good product, is the brand can go on the most reliable guarantee.”

is not open around millet, after the confederates jie say hate, is love, thanks to it, it makes more people to know that the serious air pollution, realize the empty within a one thousand yuan net products can gain invaluable health, it make this industry become more transparent, an empty net with consumers know more and more, consumers will find who’s been swimming naked slowly, do not need to wait for low tide.

in 2014, China’s air purifier market size of 15.1 billion. In 2015, an empty net market is expected to have 25.1 billion market space, how to gain a foothold, achieve long-term development, can also how to play? Confederates jie to hunt cloud network, said that at present they have developed the second generation product, engineering machine has the factory, hoping to subdivide the market, it is understood that the second generation product for high requirements of the use of high-end users and larger space environment. At present, xi duo duo are actively seeking financing, in order to expand production and publicity, financing goal is 20 million to 30 million.