Wood branches: to encounter q&a dating App as the breakthrough point of love

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cloud network hunting before dating App also reported a lot of strangers, such as from the access of the dating game “, “random plus side by strangers friends” stranger stranger “, to chat in the face of “” and so on. hunting cloud network attention recently is met q&a cuts “wooden sticks”, meet the chance in the meet, speak out in the q&a.

although social software emerge in endlessly, the retrofit, but the love dating market is still a piece of blue ocean, wood branches put focus on the social love this dimension to make friends, no matter how social development, just need love to make friends is still the school-age population.

wood branches in November 2014 online, there is no funding. Wood branches founded by three partner registration after 90. Now a total of 4 people team members. Founder Chen wei graduated from Beijing university of science and technology, co-founder Kang Zubin, Xu Shengming now study for a postgraduate, Chinese academy of sciences, founded in undergraduate course in the fall of bo’s network (a mutual sharing dating platform) as the theme of the campus, get PreAngel hundreds of thousands of angels. In addition, two people in August 2014 launched the QA.

from the products use, the user fill out information, encounter matching system default 8 hours, every match different types of objects, encounter the answer be encounter the problem of one set, the party is met according to answer this question is to decide whether to continue in-depth exchanges. on accurately fill in the user data and system matching algorithm ensures the value of each encounter on “hardware” level, while the subsequent question-and-answer session in the “software” latitude for users to choose whether or not the initiative.

in the whole process of products operation, has accumulated a high quality wood branches of users, all users in all interactions are real, new users will be able to fit in quickly. Wood branches 150000 registered users, daily average of more than 10000 active, is still in the stage of rapid growth.

branch wood product features eight hours meet mechanism. At first glance the eight hours of time limit limits the user’s active, actually otherwise, this emphasis on resource scarcity to a certain extent, is the ability to keep wake up users. Eventually be able to build a high quality of users, users reaction in high quality product, the growth for both the user and the product development.

according to the author’s experience, wood branches met still need to improve the value of a degree, the system matches only every 8 hours of an object will not affect the user experience?

in addition, wood branches displayed in the data after the user both parties agreed to contact (micro letter, qq number), which may cause the loss of users, the founder of Chen, w. don’t worry, he said after the meeting, and perhaps users “battlefield”, but the wood is to solve the problem of the demand of users, wood branches are now mainly do meet, meet this link, the met of the opposite sex, then no matter whether to continue the use of wooden branches have become not important, because the wooden branches has made the user wants to do for the user.

although founder Chen, w. thought whether to continue the use of wooden branches is not important, but the core of any product is user stickiness problem, only keep the user can go long term.

profit model, wood branches at this stage is through the application in virtual currency earnings , although wood branches without large user base and active, but users are willing to buy love tokens to view the details of the objects (5 yuan to buy a 10, 10 yuan to buy 25, 30 yuan to buy 80), have been trying to wooden sticks on the membership system will be in the future.

when it comes to future development plan, Chen wei told hunting cloud network, now and then a period of time, meet, meet, or the main business. Henceforth will enrich the source of the encounter, not just the system matching according to the data, and collect user behavior history, intelligent matching, to improve the user experience and product value.