With TrackingPoint, anyone can become a gun in the percentage hundred king!

cloud network hunting note: have you ever imagined that I can become one with the snipers? Now have a TrackingPoint precision guidance system, without any skills, as long as you press the button to pull the trigger, targeting system can help you hit the target of a mile radius, speed up to 30 miles per hour, can also be shot record to upload to share with friends.

a cool and sunny afternoon in January, I leave Las Vegas how to try the new gun. Someone asked me the gun was introduced in detail, told me that anyone can use it to hit the bull ‘s-eye. I doubt it, but don’t hinder me to give it a try.

I came to a huge range, a guard immediately come and introduce yourself to me, he is a retired police officer, was not very friendly to the media. I must follow him dodge in shooting range swing through labyrinthine equipment, finally came to the edge of the canyon. Nearby is the seat of the iron man at the beginning, the AR – 15 facing the vast desert.

goal is about 300 to 500 yards away, with this TrackingPoint precision semi-automatic rifles 5.56 I should be able to hit them.

Anson company spokesman Gordon gave me a note, the above special emphasis on the basic principle of the system, and the look is very simple: press the red button to a target, pull the trigger, once again find the target, shoot.

it’s really simple, the first gun I will hit the target, the system point.

Gordon, explains the system consists of four parts. Rifles running within the core consists of a laser rangefinder, a gyroscope and an accelerometer and a magnetometer, target shooting hand in a LCD screen. System and the trigger retainer within an equally equipped with custom trigger button and zoom button of target designation system. Batteries provide power, in the whole system by gunstocks TrackingPoint hope shooting hand can use for this gun ammunition.

the operation principle of this technology is this: shooting hand the trigger a small button next to the target, the fastest speed can reach 30 miles per hour, once the goal, the optical configuration within sight of Linux system will calculate target required variables. When shooting hand ready to shoot, just as long as the trigger, wait until the next time the crosshair will automatically shoot on target. System will evaluate the effects of gravity and the earth rotation angular force, bullets left barrel can always hit the target, shooting hand won’t shot wide.

the precision-guided TrackingPoint

the sights to see things can real-time transmission to the smartphone or tablet or even on the Internet. TrackingPoint established a social shooting system, to improve the technology and share hunting experience.

TrackingPoint by John McHale was founded in 2011, when he came back from Africa, he found himself not long shot during the journey. Immediately set out to design was established, the company can anyone use the rifle, with or without training or experience, regardless of the length of the distance. This is a fable.

to understand TrackingPoint products, the most important thing is to realize its special place is not only intelligent sights, but also the whole shooting system. Its targeting systems and fire control and fighter planes are similar, it can not be found on your grandpa old shotgun.

but to be honest, the process of firing is less impressive, no drama, has not taught me to stay steady breathing or when to pull the trigger. On the contrary, I just press the red button, and then pull the trigger.

TrackingPoint rifle shooting speed is a bit slow, not a minute to chug one hundred rounds. Its target customers are hunters and shooting enthusiasts. As Gordon, then say, with this system, the hunter can a dead life, won’t cause unnecessary damage.

onlookers can also be involved. The built-in WiFi, this system can transmit the sights to see things to other devices, it is not just for the fun of it. I noticed that Gordon to guide an inexperienced shooting hand aiming and shooting, he is also looking at sight from the mini, obviously the system can also play a role in teaching.

way more than one

in 1995, John McHale with 372 million price sold his first company to compaq, the deal that McHale netted $24 million over the next few years he has established several companies and selling them to the cisco and 3 com. The serial entrepreneur founded on TrackingPoint handy.

part of the Texas company $33 million in funding from McHale himself. In 2013 it issued its first product, the price is in 22000 to $27000, but its effect is not good. Early testers to report its performance is very unstable, but the gun demo video quickly spread. Although this gun is not perfect, but still got a lot of attention.

McHale recruited a lot of talent for the development of the products, from Remington and amazon hired engineers and managers, Siemens and MOTOROLA also received one of the development of software design company to help. Company CEO Jason Schauble was Remington’s vice President, after the first product of poor performance, his post by John Lupher leadership has developed this product.

to general hunters and shooting lovers, first product clearly priced too high. Company has showed the U.S. military and Canadian military products, Gordon said the two ordered six and five sets of respectively.

the company continue to develop system and reduce the price. I tried that set of improved AR – 15 system as long as the $7500, a third miles shooting range, to track the target movement speed for 10 miles per hour, only need to add extra range and improve braking capacity, faster speed of target shooting.

TrackingPoint launch a called “Mile Maker. 338 sniper rifle gun as the name implies, it can hit the target within the scope of a Mile. Imagine a little shooting skills, immediately in getting you a miles away.

so fun in the process of reducing hunting or shooting? Gordon doesn’t think so, he noticed a TrackingPoint system, the hunter can hit his target as accurately as possible, and the realization of this was the most unstable by eliminating the shooting process variables: the hunter itself.

TrackingPoint pointed out that, in fact, this system can provide the safety of the gun. Only the selected targets to shoot, just pull the trigger is not shoot unless you are in the correct steps and enter the correct password.

market popular

innovation never stops, apparently TrackingPoint is the next stage in the development of firearms, it is in the gun intelligent at the same time also can ensure the safety of users.

TrackingPoint perhaps the most important innovation is not the ability to hit the target accurately, it records and the ability to live streaming, this enables users to share their shooting experience with anyone anytime and anywhere.

TrackingPoint will live streaming media used to rise further, and Recon Instruments cooperative development of intelligent glasses. This glasses is still in development, shooting hand without looking at gun can shoot, the picture in the sights will transfer into the glasses, TrackingPoint called ShotGlass.

as far as I know, not the thing to be able to compete and TrackingPoint on the market. The cheapest products of the company as long as the $7500, with general similar pricing guns and optic system.

but TrackingPoint products is difficult to completely replace the traditional guns, not everyone wants a completely don’t need any skills in the gun. But inevitably, the gun can become more intelligent, is also a deterrent.