Why this year it is harder to grab a red envelope? Plug-in is the culprit

the author: weibo @ o the Internet super WeChat luo ( luochaotmt )

micro letter last year with the 10 days to develop red envelopes in the great river north and south, become a new symbol of modern Chinese New Year. Although imitated by pay treasure, weibo and other players but, after all, not and, WeChat Lucky Money relying on WeChat this big tree, is almost equivalent to a red envelope, in the game, experience and interest are far more than any other competitor. WeChat Lucky Money Spring Festival this year, unfortunately, for most people, but only an impression: not rob.

WeChat Lucky Money rob difficult, “veteran” frequently miss

my many group is the industry of science and technology, group of friends is micro letter envelopes the first batch of users, enthusiasm for micro letter red hair and rob is far higher than the average user. These days, however, only to see a lot of friends in exclamation: this year red envelopes is robbed. I also feel this way. As my home in guangzhou as the last New Year’s day, 10 m broadband, network is not the problem, but the issue to a red envelope, almost a seconds was robbed. And last year even wait a few seconds and then laid hands on him, hit probability are considerable. Send more people snapped up the fewer.

in order to solve this doubt, I began to observe different envelopes to the user. In many a friend’s identity has appeared in a list, he can always get the red envelopes in the first time. My friend told me the truth: he used a red envelope plug-in, the red envelope is not just a plugin support Android , can also be adapted after prison break iOS equipment. However, this kind of “partial door” of the application is difficult to appeal, App Store search less than. This plugin can be done for any group of automatic grab a red envelope, when you sleep, eat, good let you any red envelopes, later you to return your detailed statistical reports, report to you.

now why everyone for their hard to grab a red envelope, there should be a preliminary understanding. Compared to machine speed, than you are, besides the plug-in can be parallel to multiple group effect. Once think red envelopes is not very interesting? Could have been a simple clear equal game rules, the rule was destroyed by some plug-in, fun game evaporated. Although grab a red envelope will not be rich, and probably sent than to grab a red envelope, but there is such a plug-in, it’s three words: boring.

is not just a plugin, two big reasons for red envelope more boring

existence is reasonable, grab a red envelope is not only a plugin, including the PP assistant (has been UC) such relatively well-known enterprise research and development by the “mad grab a red envelope”. Even more interestingly, grab a red envelope plug-ins need to escape, and the PP assistant core competitiveness is to escape the iOS devices distribution, when installing a “prison break” pangu software is helping to PP assistant installation. Interestingly, UC happily-ever-after ali, his own red envelopes do but now ali micro letter, but can play the micro letter a red envelope with plug-in ecosystem.

however, a careful analysis, the plugin is not the only reason why grab a red envelope from difficult, I’m afraid.

is a network gap is smaller. In the last part of the people feel easy to grab a red envelope because most people return home for the holiday, the network environment is called flints, network not to force up to the top of the hill, there are high speed WIFI had gone. An obvious different this year is 4 g began to spread, the latest figures released by the China mobile is 4 g users breakthrough 1 $(unicom telecom 4 g users negligible), has a great number of 4 g base stations breakthrough 70, 3456 cities 4 g already covered, and even some urban-rural fringe is that 4 g signal. 4 g users get red envelopes, is no longer foot-dragging by network. It is harder to everyone about the Internet, of course, grab a red envelope.

2 is more porridge less phenomenon is more obvious. Last year, a red envelope is still a small game, WeChat official data is 800, although may have reservations, but uncle aunt around users of this kind of relative subsidence, Volkswagen WeChat Lucky Money was really don’t know. This year is different, one is micro letter is in in the year by drops this kind of way to cultivate filled habits, 2 it is hand Q , baidu, ali, the microblogging has tried on a red envelope, the third is the CCTV this kind of traditional media began to help to render the mobile red envelopes, especially this year’s Spring Festival gala is more direct and micro red envelopes, letter hand Q red envelope, called for a red envelope. Grab a red envelope is much, but the increasing number of people in a lot of users are holding the bargain mentality, hair red envelope especially hair big red envelope probability is very small. My friends, for example, red envelopes full of cash and big red envelopes, or last year’s wave of people, but take a red envelope is a lot more.

plugins, 4 g and a high popularity, these points are micro letter envelope to rob. But “the culprit “, obviously is a plug-in.

how to deal with a plugin? Pay treasure to a red envelope or verification code?

micro letter red envelopes have become a part of the Spring Festival, many people are feeling it disturb the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, should have a good time with family, the family are staring at the phone grab a red envelope, and even family members and family members launched a red envelope… Even by this year’s Spring Festival gala, red envelopes make a block booking. So, WeChat Lucky Money plug-in also has positive significance, we can have a good with family after opening. However, I think, cell phone is penetrating influence all our life, a red envelope is only one way, to avoid not just enjoy it.

WeChat Lucky Money plug-in, worth thinking about how to deal with.

a possibility is that everyone, to pack a red envelope plug-in, so play red envelope is really bad.

is the most direct approach, want to send a red envelope with directional! Point to point is not afraid of red envelope plug-in, it is estimated that this is a lot of people heart……

there is a possibility is that WeChat open sealing means. After its release last year red envelopes, cheetah browser first to launch the browser plug-in a red envelope, was only to remind function, and only the web version of the micro letter to take effect. WeChat swiftly through the red envelope is not compatible with web WeChat, let the cheetah red envelope assistant failure. Next WeChat technology also can adopt sealed envelopes plug-ins, such as for frequent speed grab bag users use the verification code. , of course, it will make the red envelope experience become more complex, and simple is the biggest advantage of WeChat Lucky Money, also pay treasure, weibo filled the disadvantage.

I live in a group in order to resist a red envelope plug-in, has called on to pay treasure to red envelopes, because the input password grab a red envelope, although a little complicated, but everyone is a hand to lose or relatively fair, this basic is a bunch of authentication code. In this regard, alipay, instead of a red envelope with its “complexity” before WeChat Lucky Money has a little advantage. Unfortunately, some people have said, in view of the automatic plug-in alipay, a red envelope has come out… Sometimes, skilled men also pretty hateful. But are testing, certification you’re lost:)