Why the feeling is very pit dad Apple Watch, still don’t want to sell?

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Apple Watch is very expensive. Look at really feel very pit dad.

although essentially, Apple Watch or a leech on to the iPhone accessories, but the cheapest one to 2588 yuan, the local tyrants that one to 126800 yuan.

Watch itself is very expensive, not only Apple Watch accessories also insisted on the Apple accessories have been “surprising” your style, just a strap, Apple’s price from 398 yuan to 3588 yuan (stainless steel chain strap).

apple why buy so expensive? Someone will buy? Apple will open up new markets with watch again?

apple had “hardware of rice, the product would be more to sell more expensive

looking down on Apple’s latest product lines – Apple Watch pricing, the pricing of watches products you will find that Apple seems there is a big difference between as before. Whether the iPhone, tablet, or Mac, price differences between different versions will probably range between $100 and $1000. This “small” products especially the iPhone and the average of the price range is between $100 and $300. The basis of which Watch version and the difference between the local tyrants versions up to 50 times.

the reason for this is simple: apple apple watches doesn’t like apple mobile phones become an essential for apple users. So, Apple Watch for only those “high-end users of high-end users”, “local tyrants users” in the local tyrants. These users to buy Apple Watch not because it is a necessity, but because it satisfies all kinds of “must” demand of its own.

apple is eat meal “hardware”, its products would be more to sell more expensive. Range smaller, especially for a user user market has not yet been cultivated areas, apple need to raise prices, more get more profits. If you are worried about this will let wait monopoly, to give up to buy Apple Watch, then you are wrong.

apple doesn’t make you “need” products, only makes you “desire” product

strictly speaking, apple product is relative, not too particular about stunt, and pay more attention to improve the user experience, so the apple products, of course, is what users “need”. But apple key to make money is never make that will make you need the product, the magic of apple hardware is, the fruit are the enduring appeal of its products and for the apple users of the psychology of “not seeking to take control.

although Android will no doubt become the absolute ownership of the smartphone market, but the Android seems to have been in the help apple to develop high-end users. First to buy a cheap Android phone users, with the critical for smart phones experience, at the same time have a strong economic strength, tighten their belts “kidneys”) of them, and then choose to buy the iPhone has been dreams.

in the Android world happened, probably also in the Android Wear occurring in the world. Although Android Wear products now occupies the smart watches the absolute share of the industry, but not a company because Android smart watch production, while growing up. But AndroidWear, again for apple to develop high-end smart watch users.

as a result, AppleWatch target users although there is no iPhone is big, but at least have the following types of people will be interested in:

first, have used AndroidWear user , after experiencing all kinds of torture, select “enlightenment”, upgrade to Apple Watch. Of course, perhaps the upgrade may be just on the psychological inertia;


old users, apple fans. which is absolutely not a few, at least more than any other Android mobile phone brand fans (note is fan, not the general buyers). These people is not sensitive to the price, they choose to closed the iPhone, in order to achieve better physical and mental experience as much as possible. Which Watch is the experience a natural link chain;


business people like to wear a watch. this kind of person though small, but is definitely a local tyrants in the local tyrants, the majority of people may also with “but beg the most expensive to buy things, not the best”. Though you may feel the phone do not need to watch, but watch today’s value is far from a record time. Apple’s brand value, have been able to meet these people’s “psychological” status symbol. Work on absolute good, the brand value in the hands of all the unrivalled, in addition to some of the “identity” may never use, but “something is better than no strong” intelligent functions, and Mr. Hursh and not buy?

at the end of the day, smart watches is a transitional product

apple under the leadership of cook, really let a person feel the enterprising spirit. In fact, every company have to undergo cannot escape “development – mature – decline” cycle, great company is constantly develop new markets, to lift the sinking or has been sinking development curve. In the process of pulling up, may lift range of differences. Apple in “the most critical moment”, Mr Jobs has introduced the iPod and iPhone, this let a person feel he is more innovative spirit. Compared with jobs, cook is to do a “watchmen”, in Apple’s stock hit a record high “is not a time of crisis”, push the Apple Watch etc, seems to let a person feel is robust enough to spare, lack of innovation.

even so, in my opinion, Apple Watch is still a transitional product, it is introduced to improve has almost reached its peak of Apple hardware product line. Early users in the use of Apple is given after Watch “this is a tied on your wrist the iPhone, but the iPhone is perfect to run another pocket” with the help of the iPhone. Apple Watch in order to better the effect of Apple products brings to the user experience. From Mac to the iPhone to the device to Watch Apple, Apple should use their own hardware products to occupy the age of the Internet all the time and space of people’s life. Mac account for your office space and time, the iPhone occupies your mobile space and time, it made up for you at home or go out to rest clearance of recreational space and time. Which Watch is complement for the iPhone mobile space and time, let the Apple device is more close to the user, to share some of the other Apple products, undertake the task of the original. And share the results of these tasks is, apple let you control the environment and environmental things in the operation process more concise, more you’re in apple build ecosystem.

note that Mac, iPhone and Apple, Apple Watch to the influence degree of the people in space and time are not the same. Represented by the Mac PC, is based on computer connection, is close to the distance of the people with all sorts of machine (computer can manipulate those that need to be directly control machine). And the emergence of smartphones, represented by the iPhone is a human connection, the closer is the distance between people, people and services. Above two changes to the ShiKong is revolutionary, and relative comparison, Apple and Apple Watch, only to connecting people, people and machines, and service stage, the original power to change.

so, I think Apple Watch is only a transitional product, but because of the brand identity and the cultivation of the Android Wear, users desire for the Apple products and a series of factors, Apple Watch will still be from small target users, grab the relative Android Wear is much higher profits. This and iOS development in the field of smart phones are very similar.

the next wave of hardware: apple has been in the field of virtual reality behind

nobody can exactly predict the next wave of science and technology. Especially in science and technology developing faster hardware. But the developing trend of comparing some existing, the next can cause the hardware technology of revolutionary change, probably virtual reality devices (technology). Different from PC and smart phones, virtual reality devices is based on the data connection point, by detecting the action and the sensor, algorithm, such as connecting the virtual and reality two different time and space. It will be after the machine PC, smartphone, for human space-time field the most revolutionary technologies.

what’s interesting is that apple seems to have been behind in this area. Google seems Google Galss of failure is likely to be Google actually broke out in the field of experiment; Microsoft with HoloLens a coppi streak; SONY, samsung, and so on have also been keen to get in.

a very coincidence that the truth is, all the existing virtual reality devices are wearing type products, almost without wearing in the mainstream products in the hands of the virtual display device. Perhaps this from another side, it shows that the intelligent watches as a structure connecting ecosystem and individuals, the fact that a transitional product.

all in all, I personally very bullish on Apple Watch market prospect. It will also bring apple is similar to the same development potential. Although seemingly pit dad, but more to sell more expensive apple products always have a steady stream of followers. Apple’s concern, of course, also seems to be obvious, but at least before the next wave strikes, the apple with perfect and complementary hardware ecological, still can continue to lift the development curve. We also would like to see, can cook, before apple’s most critical moment, find jobs for apple innovation breakthrough.

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