Which to work: for A round of 25 million financing, hope to recruit more “real”

(article/who 闫森)

which work announced the Internet recruitment website shield Ann group’s venture led A mountain, surplus to start with A round of the 25 million vote, investors Wang Huai RMB financing. Group founder Michael told cloud network hunting, we actually didn’t want to have a high-profile play, nor will walk straight to the meaning of enemies, for there is the Internet recruitment real watershed in 2015 year, Michael also made an explanation.

watershed is according to environment to express, not to say that 2015 players will face a fight in the field of Internet recruitment situation, also have no idea about, if there is sufficient financing “ammunition” of enterprises in this industry can be a king. those who don’t get so “ammunition” of the enterprise is not necessarily will be left behind. Future in the industry for high quality recruitment effect and excellent team execution is all recruitment should value of peers.

so what work after positioning of “high quality Internet technology recruitment” which is also with the development of web sites and more work with service by the recruitment needs of enterprise development change to “high quality Internet recruitment”. Michael told hunting cloud network, after which work in most of the services are early Internet start-ups, their demand for technical personnel proportion is very high. But with the development of them, also have various demand for talents. So which work according to the “customer needs” also made a recruitment range of adjustment.

at present in which to work in addition to technical personnel recommended to the enterprise, also can put the products, operations, markets, sales and other appropriate personnel recommended to the enterprise. These companies are not limited to Internet companies, also has a lot of traditional enterprise net of the company. In sampling point of view, it is because the more service by customers, and that they are often receive enterprise recruitment needs to find his own personal situation, he didn’t dare to express 2015 be a year watershed of Internet recruitment. environment of the Internet start-ups and the government, more and more local Internet industry support policy, as well as hiring more and more become a “match the real talents to the right company, and to have the goods high nominal price reduction out his true to self iteration or eliminated by the market” state.

in 2014, which does a lot of work offline activities and vertical class meeting the activities of the programmer. Michael tell hunting cloud network, there are two this during his biggest harvest. That one is offline activities for recruiting effect have ascension is false, but the vertical industry events on the website brand is of help, but the premise is must do well. Time-consuming, success is not high, for 2015, they are also considering changes in activity.