When after the mobile phone market is bad in Indonesia, the six local carmakers come strength!

cloud network hunting note: well, it’s time to let us look back from silicon valley, to focus on the status of the developing countries, such as Indonesia. The islands in southeast Asia country, its technology minister in science and technology conference recently mentioned “made in Indonesia”, designed to support domestic smartphone. Whether or not the message is true, a batch of domestic brands is to wait for a chance.

hunting cloud network editor jun has reported the “, the article points out that the Indonesian government is planning through implementation of the new 4 g mobile phone manufacturing policy, to limit the invasion of foreign mobile phone brands, and foster the development of the domestic mobile phone brand.

not long ago, in Macquarie (Macquarie) Indonesia telecom and electronic business meeting, Indonesia’s national technology minister antara (Rudiantara) when talking about the execution in the set for “made in Indonesia” mobile phone 4 g standards, he stressed that correct, said he never asked a phone must have 40% of the components in Indonesia local manufacturing.

however, there is no denying the fact that the minister has once said that the resolution will be formally implemented sometime this year, in order to investigate production capacity, domestic handset manufacturers antara recently has been keeping close contact and manufacturers. He said that the import of the particular products will continue to increase the country’s trade deficit, if can allocate part of products in the domestic production of words, will play a good role in its economy.

although millet technology of smart phones last year by way of online flash sales sales rapid growth in sales of the Indonesian islands, but given the 4 g is of the implementation of the regulations, on whether to local planning their own production factory, millet technology vice President of the international market of Hugo bala (Hugo Barra) has been in a state of wait-and-see.

authorization is always a hot topic, and accompanied by a large number of economic impact. However, in recent years the development of the 4 g mobile networks and the Indonesian market active demand for 4 g device makes the domestic smartphone makers. Below, it is for hunting cloud network editor king everyone listed six Indonesian domestic smartphone makers, they “made in Indonesia” trend in the future is likely to be the big winner, in no particular order the ranking order.


in recent years, Evercross has long been known as Indonesia’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. Evercross advantage through competitive pricing strategy firmly lock the low-end customer group. In the past, the most expensive products but also about 2.5 million rupees ($192). With the recently released a new mobile phone Evercross One X, its pricing in about 1.3 million rupees ($99), it seems we can speculate Evercross will continue its position in the development strategy of low-end customers. Evercross One X with Android, certainly also support 4 g mobile networks.

but the company’s other smartphone and tablet products still only supports the islands of 3 g mobile networks. But as the company recently in central Java, semarang set up its own manufacturing factory, the future 4 g in the Indonesian domestic equipment production competition, Evercross obviously going to be a very strong competitor.


Polytron brand belonging to Indonesia, one of the three big clove cigarette manufacturers of tobacco group, Jim is a very has the potential to domestic manufacturers. But the phone is not Polytron profitable products. The company is mainly manufacturing audio equipment, including television and audio products, at the same time also the production of various kinds of household electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and so on.

at present, Polytron only produced two support the country’s domestic smartphones, 4 g mobile networks is 4 g 450 and Zap 5 respectively.

but antara minister recently visited the headquarters of Polytron. As a result, investors daily said Polytron production capacity is expected to be increased by 50% in the near future, as a response to growing domestic demand for equipment technology, especially the production capacity of 4 g technology. Polytron is planned to be completed before July, is located in the central Java plant expansion, when its productivity is expected to be increased from the current annual output of 2.4 million units of equipment to annual output of 3.6 million units.


Mito is a very interesting domestic producers. But the Mito, mobile phone at the same time in China and Indonesia assembly production. So far, the Mito haven’t launch its 4 g phone, but in tangerang has its own production factory – about 23 kilometers west of the capital, Jakarta. Mito, the production capacity of unknown. Only to be sure, in tangerang factory cost is about 300 billion rubles, or about $23 million.


Himax, is another vibrant emerging company in Indonesia. It is trying to follow the example of millet technology occupy the market with cheap and powerful smartphone competition way and other large manufacturing company. It is reported that the company is also planning their own production factory, covers an area of 6 hectares, also in tangerang, is expected to be completed in 2016. After the plant put into use, the monthly production is expected to reach 100000 smartphones.

TSM Technologies

the TSM Technologies, says it is the first to launch domestic 4 g smartphones local companies in Indonesia, the phone called IVO V – 5, is the company’s cooperation with Bolt 4 g mobile network service providers.

but, in fact, the TSM is an emerging manufacturers, the establishment of its time but also a year or so. The start-up to their positioning is not limited to mobile phone manufacturers, is also an engineering company. TSM, co-founder of Benson Kawengian said, his company development strategy and solution are full of flexibility. Other brands, manufacturers can directly from the TSM buy products produced has, at the same time the TSM will also offer other brands and manufacturers comply with “made in Indonesia” mobile phone production cooperation scheme. This concept is likely to damage the purpose of the “made in Indonesia”, because it means that 4 g mobile manufacturers abroad, such as millet and samsung electronics science and technology, can to the Indonesia market through TSM input more than sunny, so will the so-called regulatory or non-existing.

just run for several months, however, Kawengian claims that its company has set a “hundreds of millions of dollars of profits. The company’s research and development laboratory is located in Jakarta and bandung (note: cloud network editor king hunting the western city of central Java, Indonesia), but its production plant in batam.


Advan in Indonesia has a lot of brand influence, it also has a production factory in semarang. There, the company manufacturing LCD screen, laptop and desktop. In addition to the recently received a $80.7 million investment is used to set up a company covers an area of 3000 square meters factory, the company also got another a $8.1 million investment employs to expand its smartphone and tablet production line.

the company intends to implement every month in the year 25000 smartphones and tablet production plan. In the near future, Advan will continue to produce more smartphone components.

at present, the company part of the production still need help from Chinese manufacturers, but starting in 2016, Advan hope independent production of their products. At the moment, Advan has not produced any 4 g phone, but the production plan has been brewing, is expected during the year is expected to be listed.

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