What is the lake in the university? President ma says so, want to do in 300

the much-anticipated lake university finally opened up the opening ceremony, President ma made the opening speech, to share the original intention of establishing university, professor hope that more students how to avoid mistakes.

“lake university want to do in 300,” Mr Ma said to the students, lake in the university is not school are created, but the school built together with the students.

lake university by jack ma, liu chuanzhi, feng lun, guo guangchang, shi yuzhu, guo-jun shen, m.and w.meckling, hongbin CAI, shao xiaofeng and nine famous entrepreneurs and scholars as the first school, dong name from alibaba entrepreneurship is located in hangzhou lake garden district, 1999, 2003, taobao is also born in the lake in the garden, on behalf of the entrepreneurial spirit.

the following is a lake in the university President ma’s speech:

1, “lake university” origin

in 2009 in a search for “sweet” air to fly to Bhutan, jack ma founded with entrepreneurs friends discuss the corporation own schools, cultivating the idea of entrepreneurial talent, so called the “horse” the principal. After repeatedly with fosun guo guangchang, Yintai guo-jun shen, shi yuzhu giant managerial issues such as communication, make the “lake university” eventually fall to the ground.

“lake” the word “lake garden”, from hangzhou to alibaba, taobao start-up. Similar to foreign “garage” culture, “lake” represents a kind of Chinese grassroots entrepreneurship.

jack ma at the scene said: “we have a lot of people have a lot of ideal, dream, but the ideal and dream into a reality, you need to do a lot of down-to-earth work.”

“my first job was working as a teacher, when the teacher is the highest state when the principal… I finally round on the dream.”

2, entrepreneurs are being “discovered” to cultivate entrepreneurial spirit

“more and more, I deeply realized that a problem, not anyone can become entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, I think is talented, like in sociology, a scientist. Entrepreneurs are discovered, once found, do you want to spend time training.”

“everyone here, including me, made countless mistakes, should for so many years, it is wrong to let us go today.”

3, “lake university teach?” How to avoid the error

lake university with an MBA a huge difference, that’s what we learn here is how to fail. A lot smarter than us, more capable, is dead in front, smart people, people with higher IQ eq of many, is dead on the beach today, did not even find the body, why? They are not smart, not stem, no diligence,? No, they made some mistakes, conscious and unconscious errors, these errors must be find out.

a person alive is the winner on the battlefield, living out of talents is successful, some of the gates of death is not in. Lake in the university we just tell you, some things can’t be dry, there are some things to catch.

4, 36 students is the co-founder of the school, a partner, is that there is no stock

“the school is built, not ma founded this school, the school is not the shi yuzhu, not guo-jun shen, not feng lun… , not to say that we want to build a school, are you together with us to create the school. 36 people ahead, you are a partner, you is the founder of “.

“in the future, we hope the lake every classmate, are made by a group of entrepreneurs, classmate recommend our common trust. Who can be your classmate, that person will not let us lose face, that person will not honor for us, is our common to create.”

“you these founder partner, except shares without anything. You have no stock, your stock is built to the university, the recruit students, Chinese economy rise, this is my hope for you is. “.

5, adapt to the new social and technical trend

“we all just have a kind of experience, a setback, we can with you is a kind of don’t give up the spirit of sharing, when to adhere to and when not to give up, what is human nature. But today you used tools and thought completely different.”

“the next 20 years to 30 years in China, a wave of a wave of technological revolution, brings an opportunity for a huge, all areas are inside. China’s economic future is long is quality, the quality of growth is our generation now in their 20 s and 30 s entrepreneurs greatest opportunity, vulgar economy times in the past.”

6, lake in the university to do three hundred

“if, in today’s influence, connections and relationships, we can really have come to many star-spangled guests — but I think, concise as well. The bigger the expectation, the greater the disappointment, we are a simple, from a seed, take the time to slowly, the tree grew up, slowly take the time to do the school well.”

“alibaba only need to do is enough, in 102 the school to do in three hundred, is the first batch of three hundred of you… Hope everyone be remembered because of these, in the future for the school to create, as China’s economy, as the world economy, for DT era have made great efforts and contribution!”