Wedding cat: severe vertical, focus on wedding wedding O2O into the hotel reservation

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traditional industry trend of the Internet is a difficult proposition to violate, of course, the wedding industry is no exception. The whole wedding industry entrepreneurs from more severe niche, such as boring, wedding wedding photography platform OnlyLover, marriage records used ji wedding, wedding planning O2O gathered like cat, O2O business easy netting, alone the breakthrough point, basic it is in the differentiation development, is also a product called “wedding” cat, choose from a new perspective, focus on wedding wedding O2O into the hotel reservation.

actually, wedding cat in December 2014 by renamed cat that tao xi, is a wedding banquet reservation O2O mode platform, in preparation for married couples to provide reception hotel of online search, query, and consulting services. Founder Wu Qingzong after 85, a serial entrepreneur, familiar with the wedding industry, the Internet value-added services, product management, marketing, team management, has a wealth of practical experience and management experience. Cloud network think hunting, the wedding ceremony, the cat let the couple can solve marriage troubles and thinking through the Internet in a more favorable price to enjoy marriage institutions of high quality service, let the couple married worry and money.

wedding cat “hotel recommended the current popular” popular with the new hotel images clearly show. The couple can be clear at a glance to learn an overview about the hotel site. In’s official website on the left side of the opened “consultants with selected hotel, easily enjoy the preferential” function, help the couple in the space of a few seconds, you can query to the eligible hotel information list, saving time for the couple. Hotel website shows the whole pages cooperation space photos, price range and can accommodate table for these new people care about most important information, website of each human manifests the wedding service concept.

hunting cloud network understanding, there are about 16 million couples married in 2014, the national, the average consumption of each pair in about 50000 yuan, the formation of the 800 billion wedding market. But, after all, the wedding is low, and the vast majority of people’s life just want to consumption time, the wedding cats sticky to users and how to develop?

to this, in addition to hotel reservation system, in January 2015, cat and released the wedding wedding album and invitations, said two new products, all in the new online APP presents a good user experience. This is the micro letter invitations, wedding, wedding blessing wall MV and marriage auspicious day trendy wedding tools such as query again after the innovation. Hunting cloud network that wedding cat is in the extension of industry chain, the user’s maximum stay in wedding cats, so as to develop user viscosity.

the whole, the wedding cat than the traditional way to find hotel energy saving 60% of the time, and have professionals to provide service, polymerization, tens of thousands of new demand for the hotel preferential prices; Second wedding cat platform hotel 100% examined by artificial, 100% true hotel information and photos, and have a full set of user evaluation mechanism. In addition, after the wedding the cat submission requirements, contact the user platform within 15 minutes, 1 minutes to learn the user’s marriage demand, 24 hours free recommended hotel program, intimate efficiently.

it is understood that the wedding hotels recommended by cat more than 1000, project of hotel, 378, 197 hotels through audit. Has for more than 1000 couples find wedding venues, more than 50 senior wedding consultant service at any time. Hunting cloud network that the value of the cat is perpendicular to the other kind of wedding wedding platform, together constitute the whole industry chain of the wedding industry, accelerate the speed of the Internet, the whole industry but also bring more favorable and professional service to consumers. But inevitably wedding cat will also be limited marketing, regional culture, consumption frequency and a series of problems.