Wedding also cross-border! Wedding service platform Bridestory from Indonesia

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cloud network hunting note: Bridestory was founded in July 2013, is a one-stop online wedding services platform, platform gathered a large number of wedding service providers, new people can through search, comparison to screen for their services. The company has complete seed round by the Sovereign Capital, Fenox, Venture Capital, East Ventures, joint investment, etc.

Bridestory co-founder of Kevin Mintaraga said he can only reveal the investment scale of between $1 million to $9 million, by the money, said Mintaraga Bridestory will expand their in product development, sales, marketing and customer support team. “We’ll evaluate other market opportunities, and extended to three to five different countries.”

Bridestory started this project is aimed at the wedding industry area requirements set and eventually expand to a global platform for the wedding. Mintaraga said “I believe, it is necessary to have a platform to the wedding supplier and the couple together. Now, to get married for a lot of people became a cross-border activities, people can get married at any place, wedding suppliers should also can be in any parts of the world to provide products and services.”

when it comes to the original intention of founding Bridestory Mintaraga recalls, “after our wedding my wife has become a wedding planner, she and I share her clients have paid for the wedding daughter, I saw the wedding market potential. I began to go into details of the wedding market, the global wedding earned about $300 billion in market. “Strong opponents such as The knot and John Minna, such rely on wedding ideas and attract new companies, The main source of income is to rely on advertising. Mintaraga says, relative to the development of a wedding publishing company, I tend to expand wedding supplier development platform, this kind of business is more flexible.

Bridestory now face the task is to create a receive regional comprehensive information platform for the global wedding suppliers. Most of the existing online wedding platform is only one-sided information included a country or region. Content is not comprehensive. Partner Mintaraga said: “our biggest challenge is to understand about wedding preparation process and the culture of other countries, so we need to build each localized platform, to meet the demand of local users.”

wedding has gradually become a cross-border business now. For allegedly upcoming wedding industry trend is a wedding trip. New people prefer global travel to conclude marriage rather than the traditional local without new wedding.

the Bridestory formal global launch in April. Mintaraga says the site will be from global thousands of suppliers, included more than 300000 list of the products and services. Bridestory is Indonesia’s largest wedding creativity network now. Number of daily average browsing website of about 7000 people, or 7000 couples, so to speak. Online registration suppliers daily communication amount at about 850. Local Weddingku Bridestory’s main competitors southeast Asia including Indonesia and Singaporebrides Bridalbook Weddingsquare, the Philippines and Thailand.

Bridestory as B2B2C commercial template aims to serve as a new medium and place for the suppliers. And said to create a combination of direct sales and subscription business model of new sales model. This model is how to operate?

when a wedding photographer for the first time to join Bridestory, website will give him some free points. Every point integral is equal to a business activities. When a user registered merchant business information to the inquiry or get other information, such as the integral will be burned off. Website will inform interested in registered merchant business users. Once registered merchants integral is consumed, businesses will need to subscribe to the integral and monthly payments, it’s like to try a free game or use a mobile phone for free APP, once found addicted to it or benefit from it, will be willing to pay.

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