WeChat xiao-long zhang sogou wang xiaochuan: echo each other at a distance of two people

xiao-long zhang, tencent is the most outstanding one of the most influential product manager great spirit level; Wang xiaochuan, sohu is the most outstanding one of the most influential great spirit level product manager. When xiao-long zhang met wang xiaochuan, everything becomes highly anticipated, and, in fact, the two men are echoed.

plane to tencent and sohu’s dimension, xiao-long zhang and wang xiaochuan feelings are very similar to the outside world, a forged WeChat, a created the sogou, the significance of both to their respective parent company are self-evident, and two people in the domestic Internet industry is known for the great god.

as sohu and tencent’s relationship more and more close, sogou and the connection between the WeChat is becoming more and more frequent. Almost at the same time, sogou and micro letter online at the same time the new version, and dig two product, seems to look for from some of the clues to the underlying the “gay love”.

“decentralized” WeChat “centralized” sogou

remember not long ago “xiao-long zhang” speech? When it comes to the problem of decentralized, xiao-long zhang said: “a new user with micro letter, he really in micro letter can’t find a number called the public or the public platform of the entrance. Our understanding is that WeChat does not provide a centralized traffic entrance to all the public’s, the third party.”

in fact, xiao-long zhang also proved his point of view, we look at a few WeChat currently set center entrances are hidden ever deeper, click a taxi, jingdong selection, public review, financial management and so on all is hidden below the “wallet” level 3 page, the important strategic business in tencent’s eyes were ruthlessly hidden, visible xiao-long zhang is insist to decentralization.

however, since the idea of a “decentralized” xiao-long zhang, that tencent their friends can do the “centralized”. Before, jingdong WeChat based electricity business flow are based on centralized way to operate, WeChat for jingdong provides a secondary entrance (shopping), a three-stage entry (jingdong selection), without the two center entrance, jingdong B2C WeChat electricity performance will only be more poor.

jingdong, sogou also play for micro letter “centralized” idea. This two days a new version of the sogou has the headline “micro letter” is actually the centralized embodiment of micro letter? Just, this is not in centralized WeChat and on sogou. For micro letter, does not need such a center entrance, relying on the public, operators of spontaneous impetus behind there has been a very good size. For sogou, attraction of their products is insufficient, lack of support, self-producing WeChat existing content can greatly promote the use value of the product, and xiao-long zhang advocated WeChat decentralization, so sogou to do the business does not conflict with WeChat.

small dragon don’t want to do, ogawa to do. Sogou on mobile search business is the key to growth bottleneck period, need a certain power to a push, this time really can have the candy sogou or could usher in a broader market, this time ma stretch hand to lend a hand, xiao-long zhang will understand. Micro letter, after all, growth is still in the hands of xiao-long zhang, sogou do headline “micro letter” in micro letter, does not affect the letter itself.

xiao-long zhang: I think the qr code is offline entrance wang xiaochuan: I support

with the “decentralization” problem is talking about, xiao-long zhang put forward: “we encourage third party decentralized organization of their clients. For example, for example, long time ago we mentioned in the PC Internet age, might flow entrance in the search box, but the mobile Internet era, instead, we believe the entrance traffic may be inside the qr code. So the micro letter in long ago began to vigorously promote the qr code’s popularity in China. Because of the traffic in line for, people need to have a kind of medium, can keep the cell phone connected to a particular service, we believe that from offline qr code is a good way.”

PC Internet usage scenario is relatively single, so the search box is one of the main entrance to the form, and the mobile Internet usage scenario is more, different situations require different entrance. In the process of qr code offline business, “Saul code” a much higher efficiency than the “search”, in this usage scenario, the qr code entry value do is higher than in the search box.

, for example, prior to that, as a micro au WeChat third-party online SDP (social distribution platform) is in the follow xiao-long zhang qr code entry say try to do it. In early November for micro letter after all interfaces, micro unita friendly introduced based on qr code for the entrance to the offline marketing products distribution.

in micro unita SDP set, for the chain enterprises, the headquarters can be assigned to each store an exclusive qr code, through the qr code to guide the consumer attention and produce consumption transformation, can obtain the corresponding consumption into corresponding stores and the divided into permanent. Also said after customers through this qr code concerned, twice, three times, even more spending, the store can get into accordingly.

for individual business entity shop, when consumer is looking at A store coupon can get “exclusive” qr code, save the qr code, can be forwarded to the circle of friends, if A friend through this qr code to pay attention to consumption, shops and generate A it can obtain the corresponding divided into, also have the permanent.

it is not difficult to find that, in the offline business scenarios, qr codes have connection between business entities and WeChat platform irreplaceable value, at least in a short period of time also is very practical. Qr code here online retail enterprises played a relief distribution contradiction between the positive role, help WeChat to expand retail formats, in addition, qr code can also be here for individual businesses play a “social” the marketing value of traffic, so xiao-long zhang would like to say qr code, had not been for the mobile Internet line entrance.

actually, qr code is a more efficient 2 d to 3 d real world unicom network world tools, xiao-long zhang CARES is not whether the qr code has the value of the mobile Internet portal, but in the process of WeChat link world can play series the instrumental value of the world.

WeChat by qr code links to the world, the wang xiaochuan is not directly intervene, but still can support the sogou, push the new sogou “scan code comparison” also be indirect support xiao-long zhang look for in a qr code. Although sogou is not the first push sweeping code value of the company, and the function for a long time, sogou sogou search for ascension launched this function is mostly client is practical, but how much is also in ascension, the market value of the qr code bar code, at least also calculate WeChat popularization qr code to do a little contribution.

you come I also WeChat sogou happen to coincide with the on-line “search O2O”

this is the baidu search O2O business focus, and micro letters and sogou overnight launched a similar business, seems xiao-long zhang and wang thought of together.

in micro letter version 6.1, the biggest concern is the search function to upgrade. Now WeChat search to search the content of the circle of friends and the local living near the information, including search nearby local life service be interpreted WeChat search O2O began to power; At the same time, in the sogou version 3.0, also add the function of “local life”, to see a movie, group purchase, delivery, food and so on the most important user consumption.

xiao-long zhang and wang’s echo each other at “gay love”, in fact, this may be behind the tencent intended to promote, in both micro letter search O2O sogou search O2O information is provided by the public comments on the local life. Sogou and WeChat rushed in front of the public comment on hiding behind, tencent search O2O abacus also played well.

it’s not hard to find, the combination of sogou and micro letter is more and more closely, micro letter to sogou input of nutrients, and sogou also depends on the micro letter to grow. Now micro letter search O2O unlike sogou search O2O remains a homologous root, however, according to the strategy of the development of micro letter before, give sogou solely responsible for the business will be let out sooner or later, if as a product manager from wang xiaochuan, xiao-long zhang have more reason to let go of it.

article/Wang Liyang

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