WebRTC technology to meet, “browser” age?

cloud network hunting note: WebRTC, 2010, Google bought for $68.2 million Global IP Solutions for emerging technologies, according to legend is the application of the Internet the most lethal. Microsoft and Google have enabled, compete, exactly what kind of charm that giant IT “bow in homage. It will have what kind of development?

WebRTC is an open source standard (launched in 2012, Google via the world wide web consortium and dominate), generally refers to the user without any plug-in download and install, can use the browser in real-time voice dialogue or video conversations. With WebRTC, users only need to gently to connect the other terminal button on the browser, voice and video dialogue was set up.

the other end, may be a person, meeting platform, customer support service, video source, etc. Obviously, this online communication function to change the customer had a profound impact, not only can realize the interaction of customer groups, also can realize communication between client and provide daily service company.

WebRTC will replace traditional communication this year?

WebRTC prospect is very good, but to get a wide range of promotion, and even replace telephone dialing system, there is still a long way to go. But I also believe that in the rest of the year, WebRTC and web applications in the field of telecommunications development could be used. The following is the good trend for the development of the WebRTC I found, I believe it would have been this development, attractive.

customer support real-time video and audio communication. Use WebRTC , will be the company’s web site traffic and based on the main body of the contact center together, realize the interaction, is a common business case. Amazon’s Mayday and AMEX Live Video Chat has been confirmed that in promoting Web application of interaction between users and contact center, WebRTC technology really works.

use WebRTC technology of customer support and other benefits. Before the start of the call, for example, support agent will know who you are, you are in which page. This information is greatly improve the efficiency of the customer and enterprise communication, this is all things.

click “join” meeting. is using another key areas of WebRTC technology is virtual conference call. Now high-end meeting must save video and voice, so most people at the meeting by a phone number to join the meeting.

WebRTC technology advantages. Simply click “join” can be integrated audio, through HD and open the speaker can ensure quality. In addition, the conference service providers and users, save the spending. Not to mention it to avoid common conference call can make mistake, last year’s YouTube video error viral transmission daunting, but with WebRTC, these errors can be avoided.

to go global. , based on WebRTC technology service provider of the equipment supplied to the customer and business without having to connect the telephone network of their own or any other network, which open the door for them to go global. WebRTC allows your wireless carriers, for example, broadening the communication service (video, voice, SMS, etc.), these business in any equipment in the world, can be performed on any network, no need to download a specific match the most mobile applications (such as: WhatsApp).

again, for example, some service providers like t-mobile recently announced that the wi-fi phone function is easy to implement, technically, if they use WebRTC (haven’t), everything is possible. WebRTC technology’s value is not empty, this year’s consumer electronics show (CES) confirms this, exhibition, AT& T also announced to become America’s first support WebTRC operators.

new services, new business. many beyond the traditional telecom new applications have begun to emerge. Some on the basis of the traditional web applications to join the real-time interactive features, have been converted into a new business model. For example, a large number of micro consulting/service site (as PopExpert), have led experts (such as in PopExpert, life coach) and customer face-to-face counseling on the Internet.

other examples, such as social networking applications, like the NTT SkyTalk using WebRTC technology, can provide audio and video interaction. Many new devices are being developed using WebRTC technology, is about to enter the market in 2015.

who will enable WebRTC technology?

although these trends make people cheered, but from a business perspective to look at these questions, as if is not so optimistic, especially in evaluating the WebRTC next year after the possibility of technology is widely used. But I also believe that the next year will mark the transformation of WebRTC, from a novel, provide the basis of free exchange technology into a business association or based on a predetermined consumer based technology solutions, especially from online meeting providers and expert consulting supplier’s image.

however, will WebRTC technology used successfully in the use cases, there are two things to do.


and Google and apple have to end the war strategy on WebRTC

from the WebRTC technology since the advent of this a few giant IT started the competition. This is why the WebRTC technology exists for a long time, but only in a small number of browser (Google browser and firefox) on the possible reasons, its usage does not go far enough. In addition, there are questions in the use of video codec, which actually has denied made video WebRTC technology directly.

until the end of 2014, Google and Microsoft combined to take measures to eliminate obstacles, solve the problem of WebRTC technology so far has not been widely adopted. In the future (I hope not too long), Google browser, Internet explorer browser (or Sparta) and firefox browser will push forward video technology and widely promoted so just around the corner. But now in Safari, no news of supports WebRTC technology.

quality experience remains to be improved

as WebRTC technology applied in paid services, everyone hope suppliers can provide quality experience. This quality experience compared to the user experience in the common telephone network, can only be more. We haven’t met a dropped call or receive less strange calls, but we are not so give up Internet phone, why? Because it don’t money!

in the convenience of WebRTC technology, the practicability of high-fidelity audio and video become the new attractive reverberate, or they may quit the market, even for the user experience a series of problems, such as limiting the scope of use and use value, which is why the solution have been studied in this field.

with the reliable quality, coupled with the existing codec and major browsers (except Safri), 2015 will be WebRTC technology to take off for a year. But, you also can see, a long way to go, we have a lot to do.


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