Watch to the left, glasses, to the right “click sound” to prove that headphones can also more intelligent

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cloud network hunting, jingdong public beta will strike the sound headphones, focus on the JD.COM home page at the top of the chart, and eventually win the listed first click sound. Hunting cloud network previously reported

headphones what is intelligence? The emergence of the “click sound”, suddenly struck by the author’s heart. Search karma, that headphones can also like to play: click sound USES capacitive touch panels, stretch out two fingers, sliding up and down to increase or decrease in the volume, move switch songs about picture, in the middle of the raised LOGO, is the play and pause. If you think it didn’t, pattern in Tucson. Knock out of resonance, “strike the sound.

knock three times, WiFi environment, can be in 5 million the first licensed music music (shrimp), automatic find suitable for your songs. Broken network can also be cross-platform play all of the local music. Strike the sound still can knock according to the number of songs, intelligent learning song preferences.

knock twice, means you like the song, blow can complete collection and downloaded to mobile phones, and stored in the cloud. If you are in the click sound bundle “knock on synchronous sharing”, then knock down two headphones, can automatically like music, in the form of music diary to share to the microblog.


the above to search mode, in addition, it also find friends mode. Who resonate with is very important, and resonance is more important. Pop music, maybe you don’t like rotten street prefer small songs, have been looking for less than a like-minded friend, you can have a try. Advise everyone, so pure music the holy land, or don’t let it become another Momo.

in 2015, the threat of war in front of our eyes can see, the war potential on the wrist from watch hand ring to watch. Facebook acquisition Oculus triggered a round of the development of virtual reality system competition. Apple released smart watches, cook in order to prove himself as good as jobs, finally to hand over the test paper, the final result how, subject to market considerations.

why want to say to the left, watches glasses, to the right watch is closer to reality, glasses a little bit far away. Some people say that 2015 was the first year of virtual reality: samsung electronics launched a virtual reality wearing Gear VR equipment, SONY developed called for the Project of Morpheus virtual reality devices, developed by Microsoft virtual devices can “Hololens” image into reality background upper-middle, cooperate with game company’s predecessor was the HTC launched Vive system, there are many start-ups also joined the ranks.

so, what is the past 2014, the first year of the bracelet,? Relative to the virtual reality goggles, tall hand ring appears to be more simple, or more can be achieved, so the bracelet gather together at home and abroad. Until it is said that apple will do smart watches, after all don’t change the “poor play cars, rich play table” motto, we heard the bracelet, calls for more and more weak. MWC 2015 world conference on communication, huawei watches, LG watches… Prior to the release of cluster, they tried to apple smart watches, brush sense, create a scream. So it can be said that the watch to replace the position of the hand ring, 2015 was the first year of his watch.

headphones as product popularity higher than watches and glasses, what new tricks can also play out in 2015?

at least for now, we see the new impact sound. In addition, two headsets: hunting cloud network also noted, it and the intelligent hand ring, to exercise monitoring. , headphones, or record it by cooperating with singer, try out the road of the music and the innovation of the copyright.

in fact, not a cloud network hunting melodramatic, hunting cloud network particularly want a helmet, not because the author cut bald, with a need to wear a hat screened, but the helmet in hand, all I have. It can satisfy the function of music of headphones, farsightedness, add eye glasses, and virtual reality requirement, if you want to, prevent PM2.5 masks can also be dependent on it.

of course, in addition to the role of the most intuitive – security. If you can join the humanized temperature regulation, warm in winter and cool in summer; And comfort, most propbably is also very good. Such as earphone time is long, the ear hurts, but the helmet, can reduce the headset, direct contact with the pinna avoid extrusion to bring pain.

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