Wash the shoes severe vertical come! The elephant wash shoes new-developped O2O mode into wash industry

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from the start, 14 life services, said 2015 was “the door”, manicure, haircut, door beauty, car wash, laundry, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, and so on, only you thought, no couldn’t do it. Careful consideration, it seems that there is a problem, that is, there is no core technology, industry admittance threshold is too low, even can be said to be the three, five, ten gun can open dry ! Due to the above industries are generally very embarrassing situation.

wash shoes O2O someone focused on this field? The author thinks that, elephant wash shoes pavilion is the field more advantage of pathfinder .

according to cloud network understanding, hunting elephants to wash shoes pavilion is “ the central factory + O2O ” way. Currently a total of 17 stores, including 16 Chinese city and San Francisco store (a) each city, the area of the stores generally smaller, but will choose in high-end residential or commercial center position, then a single and convenient features, and play a role in the brand image. The elephant’s competing goods companies include two kinds, one kind of traditional wash shoes enterprises, such as John huang, the country at present already had 4 k + napa stores; One kind is similar to e wash this kind of platform for laundry bag type washing shoes business of the company.

separately, John huang belong to the traditional enterprise, there is no net, find a way of the chain-like alliance headquarters to napa stores operating alone, the gene is weak, the mode of transformation to see if you don’t belong to that sooner or later be reversed. Take a look at platform type company, wash the shoes business is often a subproject, compared with an elephant in the business and technical aspects have advantage. Although wash shoes can also provide services, but in vertical concentration level is inferior to an elephant, is also difficult to provide in addition to the cleaning requirements of repair renovation services, and the demand of more than 30% of extension, is can’t satisfy the cleaners.

“vertical wash how against generic washing platform shoes field? With tiger on sports and portal site sports channel compared, for example, do you think which better? Tiger flapping is actually more advantages than the web portal, because the more vertical, focus, innovation, and some of the hard conditions is the foundation, the in the present age, it’s easy to homogeneity or iterations, and the future will win the market, must be provide the customers with the diversity of different requirements, which often is the core of life services, compliance to commonness, outstanding individual character. “the elephant the shoe museum founder liu told hunting cloud network.

according to introducing, the elephant online access to order way mainly includes the micro letter, website, taobao, etc. Users to place the order, after the elephant staff would free door-to-door pickup in the agreed upon period of time, generally two pairs of repossessions, single and double will pay the door fee, if it doesn’t matter if it is to store cleaning. Cleaning after completion of staff will be sent to users at home and cycle in a week or so, the guest unit price of 40 yuan, if repair renovation, generally is about 10 days, cleaning + repair renovated guest unit price in 180 yuan, the target customer group belong to high income people.

we believe that the seemingly low-frequency high-value services (shoes) washing can be to other areas of low value (laundry) expansion, instead, the laundry is not easy to wash the shoes, because there are a technical threshold, mainly affected by the industry is not maturity . Laundry industry is comparatively mature technology and supply chain, spend a similar amount to be able to buy a set of equipment, can open a shop, and the traditional washing shoes industry is currently not form standardization and scale of development, this is why many famous laundry services are rarely open to wash shoes, customer never wash the shoes in the shang overbought to special detergents and household equipment, maybe we can see from behind.

“a lot of laundry is gradually cancel wash shoes business, taobao and baidu have started deploying life service strategy, looking at last, find professional to carry out the washing only find us a shoe business. At present, the we have to reach a strategic cooperative relationship with taobao and baidu . Therefore, we are leading in the field of washing shoes.”

according to hunt cloud network understanding, since the elephant cooperation with baidu and taobao orders growth rate increasing. Therefore, elephant team plans to major cities in China in 2015, rapid productivity layout, to solve the problem by means of crowdsourcing .

particular way is to wash the shoe store through from the traditional offline, laundries, open the elephant’s technology, equipment and products to them, on the one hand, to increase production capacity, improve the quality of service, and can also improve their orders directly. Requirement is unity must complete all links in the elephant’s OA system, including the technical operation of each subdivision steps, order by digital control, standardization, specialization, achieve cooperation shop in the standardization of the technical and operational . In the future by improving the logistics system and payment system to complete closed loop. The elephant has been more than two years of accumulation, is comparatively mature technology of branch control system, can reach any cooperation shop management level.

it is important to note that the elephant why so confident of its own technology development? Elephants to wash shoes museum founder liu said, the PH domestic detergent, biodegradable rate lower , and elephants in collaboration with a number of national laboratories, after more than two years of time accumulated a lot of achievements. Elephant choice and German companies to cooperate, 90% concentrate meet the eu standards can be directly biological decomposition, and the mildew proof technology, choose to work with us companies, make mould component index can reach the baby safety level standard, technically, the elephant compared to other domestic enterprises have a certain advantage.

in the future, the elephant team have more ambitious plan. “Supermarket there are many kinds of laundry detergent, but it didn’t wash the shoes, if my shoes only LiangSanBaiKuai, not worth it to wash clean shoe store, but also have a need to clean up? Currently we wash shoes liquid or industrial-grade, future family with washing liquid shoes.” In addition, according to hunt cloud network understanding, in addition to wash the shoes, the elephant team will launch the shoes machine, care and other related products. Not only that, the elephant’s goal, will also take advantage of big data, to build an associated with “foot” of the ecological industry, such as research and development of shoes wearable smart devices, to monitor the user’s physical activity to provide data and related parameters of the body; And health care institutions in relation to the cooperation of the foot health care. And brand shoe salesman for a shoe materials, functional development direction of the shoes. The the severe vertical niche business, gave us infinite imaginary space .

but it is understood that the elephant at present the most main job is to through the way of cooperation crowdsourcing the production capacity, to serve more customers, the accumulation of data base, as for the planning of the other things have not on the agenda.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting elephants to wash shoes museum founder liu has many years experience in the Internet company to market and business, leadership is a co-founder of the original company, the other is responsible for the technical partner participated in 12306 site technical work, there is also a partner in a bathroom brand company responsible for the mechanical aspects of the work. Elephant has been completed earlier angel round, now contact capital to A round of funding, the specific amount and agency said “at present is more sensitive, is not convenient to revealed.