War behind a red envelope, to see how he teamed up with weibo layout mobile payment

a few days ago, a friend over half a year’s Taiwanese expatriate back, getting together to chat up the similarities and differences between Taiwan and mainland China in the field of mobile Internet. Surprised me is that have never been to Taiwan, in Taiwan to open mobile payment, necessary steps is various, it may be said “difficult”. The concept of mobile payment, is this year just started in Taiwan. Mainland and contrast, mobile payment already was not a novelty, especially recently red envelopes war, prove that the giants for mobile payment has become a glass.

giant for mobile payment and rob’s imagination

from the Internet to the mobile Internet era, the environment landscape changed, whether it’s start-ups or giant companies are slowly groping, looking for era tide really need, to adapt to the trend of the development is likely to become a “pig” on the tuyere. And even the giant companies, touch not development venation, price is also a painful, see have nokia, MOTOROLA and nervous in the previous year, baidu has been needless to say.

thanks to the mobile Internet, a lot of scenarios have completely change people’s behavior way. Less people in reading the newspaper, many mobile browsing news; Less people in the mall shopping, online shopping more people… However, the development of the mobile Internet is somewhat the same meaning: whether in hardware development, flank, or in the software have a bridge will be the middle – mobile payment. no pay, network services are the primary stage, with pay, in order to be complete closed loop, to have more imagination space scene.

according to iresearch released 2014 annual Chinese Internet core economic data show that in 2014 China’s third party Internet pay deals reached 8 trillion yuan, up 50.3% from a year earlier. From the point of application scenarios, Internet payment is mainly used in the network shopping, air travel, telecommunications payment fund purchase, etc. And future mobile payment is bound to be and the combination of multiple scenes of life more and more deep, it is not surprised why the Internet giants can’t slack off, keep the plunder of the mobile payment position.

weibo break into mobile payments, interest and engagement is the key to

the fifth year in a row, weibo marketing launch the Spring Festival, but this is the first year “knife” to launch the red envelopes of cash, and play a red envelope must open the payment function, accelerate the layout in the field of mobile payment ambition is quite obvious.

“everybody is good is really good,” more people can really play. In fact who also didn’t thinking about made a fortune by can grab a red envelope, interest and engagement to a process is more important than the result. in alipay and micro letter of jinyuan policies, weibo red envelopes can still keep sufficient heat, the main reason is based on weak human driving force brought by the social relations and social interest, and on this basis through weibo fission spread widely engaged and onlookers effect.

a big New Year’s day, the jubilant, users to grab a red envelope is a geely, weibo will focus more on the red man, star, corporate bosses and various industries, must first swept through the home page of the gang, grab a few cents to bask in the sun, the red envelopes make people have a sense of connection and celebrities. At the same time, each other between weibo allows the user to plug a red envelope, fans can give like the star of the red envelopes, between enterprise bosses can plug, star, celebrity after got red packets between plug, most will continue to others users got the joint red envelope will also continue to spread, this kind of grab a red envelope behavior of continuous fermentation, finally grab a red envelope will double the number of the first to participate in the number of people.

data also proves this point. On the day of the New Year’s eve, there are more than 101 million people on weibo grab a red envelope, and get the cash bonus is more than 15 million. During the Spring Festival gala broadcast and 34.7 million Internet users in weibo interact, take part in the star of the Spring Festival gala, there are 39 people on twitter greetings or a cash bonus, the number is beyond the sum of all the other social platform. Weibo, active users also on this day 102 million, a 46% increase over last year New Year’s eve. Under the social engagement and interest to attract, weibo is still involved in Spring Festival gala discuss first choice, and through the size of the red envelope successfully promoted pay user, it should be a weibo the biggest reward for the Spring Festival this year.

weibo at least to help pay treasure to resolve the social advantages of micro letter

the earliest in mobile payment, alipay, careful operation for so many years during the Spring Festival last year accidentally ambushed by WeChat to a red envelope, Mr Ma is open position a bit of a “dramatic”. However, according to iresearch, according to data released by the Q3 2014, pay treasure to still has a 82.6% market share, gain tenpay even with two super WeChat and hand Q channel, also only has achieved 10.0% market share, pay treasure to still occupied the absolute superiority.

it also suggests that, with only a strong social relationship is far from being swept through mobile payment market, and a pleasure brought by the WeChat Lucky Money may limited to public opinion atmosphere. Besides hand Q and overlap between WeChat there is how many users and the possibility of competition with each other, at the same time with mobile payment whether cooperate or left and right and right, the effect remains to be seen.

of course, this year’s red envelope in the melee, pay treasure will not lightly, early launched a variety of red envelopes, from the solitaire red envelopes to face to face a red envelope, also ushered in a period, concentrated distribution platform red envelopes to attract millions of users of special waiting for you. Alipay red envelope situation rapidly, directly led to the micro envelope kill alipay red envelope to share interface events. Then introduced alipay password envelopes while the user experience is not good but still formed the refresh scenarios in your circle of friends.

but it is still not enough, in other people’s platform, as his own position more flexibly. Pay treasure to get red envelopes to spread more widely, last longer, need to have an open social media as the backing, from this level, weibo has become a alipay irreplaceable “moats”. Pay treasure and weibo, made up for alipay, lack of social genes. The basis of a large number of users, plus weibo fission spread and star power, and sufficient preparation, WeChat Lucky Money again want to continue the situation I’m afraid it is difficult to the Spring Festival of 2014.