Wants to earn money of investors, the most began to understand his heart

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“how to attract investment” has been the concern of the entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs believe that establish their own businesses have to shine can attract investment, this idea is really understandable, but ignore the investors’ psychology. This article will teach you how to from the theory of “faith” of investors, take the initiative to attract investment.

every investor has its own belief theory (or preference theory). They may be referred to as “proposition” or “subject”, but the essence is similar — chose his look at the idea. Investors usually of company capital injection is expected to implement these ideas.

to understand investors’ belief theory is absolutely helpful. Because they knew all about these theories not only, and even tend to choose investment object is consistent with his theory of start-ups. For this you must understand this, become outstanding in this field, a little knowledge is absolutely undesirable. Of course, all this is the premise of you are in the first group, because the second group usually have no chance to contact with the investors.

investors article or speech more or less show their faith theory, you only need to pay attention to that. They revealed in a blog post ideas and his investment. Other investors may work in more or less to show their faith theory, pay attention to their career or investment experiences can be learned. These information can let you understand the idea of investors, thus better prepared to meet.

in addition, early know that investors’ belief theory has made the possibility of the two sides meet. Because investors will usually select a few deep in a pile of email reply email to his heart. Accordingly, however, as investors have rich experience in the field, the threshold of the meeting will also be increased relatively.

when investors asked about your current job direction, you don’t have to come clean their own plans, just to interpret its core. Investors often hit the nail on the head, you have to concentrate on the entire process to deal with, to show their advantage.

when you turn the investors through and answer their unexpected answers, to meet the situation would be reversed – investors into the assessed. Outstanding investors know the flexible, use their knowledge to judge an unexpected answer; On the contrary, shrugged off new ideas are stupid.

of course, when they met frequently, his teammates to owe good happens, in this case you should decisively to help (although may hurt his self-esteem), to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting.

talking to investors or the should understand their faith theory before the meeting, and only these is not enough. Although this is less important than the development of enterprise, they can help you to attract investment better, so don’t ignore the value of it.

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