Want to go to Facebook? Look at the 13 most “sucks” interview questions

cloud network hunting note , now each big technology companies are scrambling for talents at showering . world famous companies such as Facebook are the most ideal job seekers employer , to enter this kind of company will not be easy, however, need to pass strict interview through many tests. Today , we bring everyone Facebook’s classic interview questions. If you can through these questions to find the deeper meaning?

“if you have a chance to change the Facebook, what would you most like to change?” According to the online community workplace Glassdoor (release recruitment information and evaluation of an employer’s web site), Facebook is one of the most difficult interview by company. This process is so challenging one of the reasons is the Facebook interview question difficult to answer. To figure out what the social media giant asked job seekers, Glassdoor by sifting through hundreds of thousands of article by the applicant has passed the interview process summary of online reviews, finally it is concluded that the 13 most complicated problem.

Q: “any day on how many posts on Facebook and birthday?”

– Facebook data engineer

Q: “you have three times the opportunity to roll the dice, and can get tossed the highest points consistent cash with you. In the process of throwing three times, you can stop at any time (for example, if you just tossed six points for the first time, you can stop). So, you want to throw a few times?”

– Facebook data engineer

Q : “how much money do you have online consumption?”

– Facebook account manager

Q: “how Facebook will you sell to the user? When you see the ads on Facebook, what do you think are the benefits of this way of advertising?”

– Facebook client partners

Q: “you are uploading photos, suddenly failed half way through, what would you do?”

– Facebook business and user information

Q : “any two points determine a straight line, then the conditions of the three sides to form a triangle is?”

– Facebook product analyst

Q : “try to analyse the iPhone for inductive application” folder “model, and gives the feasibility scheme to improve its practicability.”

– Facebook product designer

Q : “if let you redesign of the remote control function, how would you design?”

– Facebook product designer

Q: “you estimate how many American airport?”

– Facebook product manager

Q : “given a binary tree, write code and print out the tree line.”

– Facebook software engineer

Q : “how can I find a busy bridge by car license plate number?”

– Facebook software engineer

Q: “you talk to me, you is how to design an app.”

– Facebook product manager

Q: “if you have a chance to change the Facebook, what would you most like to change?”

— Facebook software engineerSource:

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