Want to customize products within the search? Swiftype help can’t write code you easily calm

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was born in entrepreneurial incubator Y Combinator site search engine submission Swiftype raised $13 million in the second round of funding. Had already won the $1.7 million in seed round and $7.5 million in A round of funding, at this point, the total funds has amounted to $22.2 million.

Swiftype is one of the sites and mobile applications to provide internal search tool start-up companies, to provide personalized search results for web site management. Website owners can according to the importance of the information, through Swiftype “sorting control” function will be important to search results to the front, and will not be important results removed or moved to the back. When the user input keywords to search the web, according to the content of the sorting will also is the same with website owner expectations. In addition to sorting, website owners can also move the unrelated results page.

its operation process is very simple, the user Swiftype site to your web site search engine on a name, input the website homepage URL address. Then, Swiftype can grab the page of the website, generating search results. Control the search results page, you can enter a keyword (such as Amazon, Swiftype will automatically identify and completion input), and then adjust for this search keywords according to his be fond of the result of sorting, move each search results can be directly. In the end, you just add some code on his website, to complete the whole site search personalized setting. Basically, you don’t need to know any technology can be operation, and it is also a Swiftype search from other products and open source code library. In addition, Swiftype order of the search results also support the customization.

Swiftype for some e-commerce site, help is very much, because it can provide user consumption analysis and data for these sites, Swiftype in the mobile terminal can also provide better optimization of site content. As an example about how to provide better technology company let customers get better experience in the field of the two. Riley pointed out that Swiftype search for the semantic understanding – in e-commerce, the use of basic knowledge to distinguish “blue dress” and “evening dresses shoes” is very important. More important is can’t let people for the important and complex problem feel more confused even after the query is confused. (last year, the company also increased the scene analysis)

Swiftype said, now through the use of tens of thousands of web sites and applications, customers can search, from Qualcomm and Dr. Pepper to Twitch and CloudFlare. Currently Swiftype main rival Google, Attivio and Endeca, but compared with their more complicated operation, need more servers. Riley said Swiftype through the API in a few minutes to complete the installation, realize the automation of site search, attract more users.

this round of financing by Enterprise Associates investment, financing income will be used for the expansion of business, enhance sales and marketing team. Led by NEA B series has led to A series. The NEA the Chetan Puttagunta (who was recently promoted to partner) and to join the company’s John Sakoda – and Hoxie and Riley – Swiftpe board.

when asked why they become more stable relationship with NEA, rather than the introduction of new investors, Riley said. “we thought we could become a long-term partner with them… The Chetan serious working very hard, and he has been to Quin and I are all very helpful, we completed under his guidance to help studying for running business.”


now for more than 10 m website, App provides on-site search, including qualcomm, Dr. Pepper, Twitch and CloudFlare, etc.

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