Wake up! The 10 most common misunderstandings, and cannot maintain cell phone battery

in order to be able to let us in the hands of mobile phone use for a longer time, user tried a lot of unusual methods to improve the battery life. However, there are many misconceptions about this. Let’s take a look carefully for those who every day for us to provide the service of some common misunderstandings of the battery.

1. battery also has a “memory”

no, not at all, like this. People once thought through “training” can ensure the battery charge with maximum. To do this, people will run out of power on a regular basis to charge back, they never insert in the battery more than 50% in the charger. They consider it is a percentage of the charge, with the passage of time, the battery should be will have memories. This is not true. If your battery reached 80%, full electricity or without electricity. Frequent charging won’t damage your battery.

2. less known and inferior brand charger will damage the battery

although some of the less known and inferior brand charger is not the best choice (and even some charger takes longer), these will not damage your battery, as long as the charger can work normally. It just shows you buy cheap charger compared with your mobile phone original battery charger manufacturers not up to standard.

3. all night charge will damage your battery

false. Now most smartphones “smart” enough is enough to know when the battery reaches the maximum capacity, and then charging will stop. Want to prolong the service life of the battery, however, there is one thing you can do. Every night, try to keep it most of the time power is between 40% and 80%, rather than charging the mobile phone all night. Doing so could make sure the battery life is the longest. If you do not need the whole night charge (every once in a while), then do so.

4. don’t use a mobile phone while charging

charging people think that cell phone use seems to be a bad influence on battery for power. Actually otherwise, unless you use a poor quality, there is no guarantee of the charger, otherwise it will not impact. Your battery charge can achieve the desired effect related to whether you recharge when using the equipment? Think about it, if in this way, the mobile phone closed, so smart mobile phones only likely scenario is not synchronous data to the (whether this way or the other way). Charging so, even if you don’t use your mobile phone, cell phone will automatically use and the data has been synchronized. So don’t have to worry about charging while using it.

5. shut down your phone may damage your battery

no, there’s no basis in fact. Of course, if your phone was turned off for a long time, the battery will run out of (this is the nature of the battery). But every now and then you turn off the phone for a while is no problem. If you like, you can turn off the power supply and even (if appropriate) to take out the battery. It won’t hurt your battery. In fact, for some devices, a simple restart help restore the function of the battery. Therefore, although every time you use the Android devices can also make it every now and then close it.

6. new battery should be full of to use

a lot of people think when they get a new smart phone the first thing to do is to insert it into the power and the battery is up to 100%. This is just a rumor. Please remember the smartphone battery at between 40% and 80% of running effect is best, and at the time of the factory because most mobile phone battery capacity is half, so you’d better open the phone to check first. On the other hand, we should also pay attention to the this place: if you start a new smart phone for the first time, when the battery is lower than 40%, then you may have to consider a refund, because the battery may be very old.

7. will be frozen will extend its battery

I remember in the early 80 s, we have tried to place the battery in the freezer, in order to let it get longer life cycle in a short period of time. At the same time, it did not work, it will not work now? In fact, the high temperature and freezing can make the performance of lithium ion batteries have a negative impact. Room temperature is always your smartphone optimum temperature of the battery. Please keep in mind that these devices have a fever, there is no need to expose them to heat, cold is the enemy of lithium ion batteries.

in addition, ensure that your equipment stored in ventilated place. When my wife, mountain biking, will her phone sealed in a plastic baggie. Is that this is the best way to prevent water from entering the device. However, completely sealed, all the heat generated by the mobile phone will affect mobile phones and battery. Be warned: high temperature more than frozen damage to the battery.

8. mobile Internet is the fastest consumption of battery

this is not the case.

the fastest can only on your smartphone battery charge is the game. Because to start the game graphics engine is a huge energy consumption. If your device has a lot of games, dim when playing games as much as possible the mobile phone screen (if you want to extend battery life). But, if you play games can charge at the same time, it will be the brightness of the screen to maximum.

it also depends on your use of the Internet. If you are to watch the video on YouTube, playing online games, or doing other graphically intensive activity, the batteries will soon run out of you.

9. closed wi-fi, bluetooth and GPS to prolong the period of your battery

in and of itself, this is false. These applications run out the only thing you can do your battery when using them. So if open bluetooth, but you don’t use a bluetooth device, it will not run out of your battery. Wi-fi is connected the same your cell phone, but you don’t have access to the network that doesn’t consume the battery. Yes, they will consume your cell phone is few, but the battery will not been lost in the course of a day. If you really want to be able to as much as possible, the extension of mobile phone battery, dim your screen.

10. task manager helps to prolong battery life

even though I hate to say it, but I have to say that if the battery built-in system cannot deal with problems, the third party task manager on battery life can be said to be frustrated. Yes, these can detect the task manager appointed white list/blacklist, but in the end, the battery built-in system could not work as they have no effect. You can use the task manager, in order to better control the application, but don’t think the third party manager is better than any other default tools can extend battery life.

intelligent mobile phone batteries and intelligent mobile phone battery energy is better year by year, as long as the old ones (and some new) misunderstanding need exposure. Just a little consideration, your battery will provide you with the energy over a long period of time.

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