Vomiting blood finish: 2015 version of hangzhou Internet startup guide 2.0

hunting cloud network (note: this article is a well-known angels Yang Xuan according to their own investment experience of hangzhou famous startups and ecological related parties, the specific content of the innovation service content is very valuable, and dry, full specific see below.

from: bandits diary in this paper, the author of the investment: Yang Xuan (micro letter no. : public tufeitouziriji bandits investment diary)

hangzhou not only has China’s first Internet company alibaba, there are many billions of dollars, $one hundred million Internet companies, more full of star of tomorrow in start-ups. I have been recommended in the rest of the country’s excellent youth entrepreneurship to hangzhou, unrealistic to say, speak the truth, it took a little time, finishing the hangzhou venture under some ABC, on the one hand, for other provinces, other countries want to hangzhou entrepreneurial brothers reference, on the other hand also hope to have a little help on local startups. There is mistake please contact (personal micro signal yangxuanyangxuan) and bandits. Bandits will constantly revised, strive for a quarter of a revised, more timely information.

Internet listed companies

each for entrepreneurial city there are always many respectable companies, they are role models, on the one hand, also for a startup transport talents, form a ecological system, the success of these elite company IPO also inspiring entrepreneurs continuous efforts and innovation.

the rise of start-ups

respectable company and founder of the founding team may have been the pioneer of s, but the rise of start-ups like stars, witness the growth of children in a city.

notable startup

the list of these companies is very long, just for example, only is given priority to with bandits personal preferences.

main early investment institutions

culture in silicon valley, is a kind of entrepreneurial culture, also can saying is a risky investment culture, but is actually a kind of mutual fusion and mutual symbiotic culture. Hangzhou this has already begun to take shape.

main incubator

for early entrepreneurs, high rent is a problem, there is a group of like-minded business partner is also a problem, hope to get more resources is a problem, the incubator will be needed, hangzhou incubator, though few, but they are honest and real services for entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurial activity and the hub

entrepreneurs, investors, they must have gathered both places, typical garage like Beijing, 3 w, coffee, etc., the most of the time is a symbol of a city entrepreneurial energy. The

main policy

main part won and entrepreneurship related policies.

dream town

this will focus on, the 3.28 just opened this year, but is expected in the near future will become the engine of hangzhou venture investment.

unique geographical and cultural position

“” dream town is located in hangzhou city yuhang district in the future science and technology, the future of science and technology have been settled in the city to alibaba, the United States amgen, China mobile, China telecom, China electronics technology group represented by more than 600 high-quality projects, in total more than 2000 enterprises, including overseas enterprises have more than 300.

double town development direction of the joint both

dream town by town in Internet startup and angel investment town town of double joint development train of thought.

Internet startup town focus on encourage and support the generic college students 10 years (that is, in principle graduate entrepreneur) group to the electronic commerce, software design, big data and cloud computing, Internet related companies in the field of animation design, etc. Angel town, financial, Internet financial focus on cultivating and developing science and technology, gather the angel investment funds, equity investment institutions, wealth managers, strive to build cover enterprise development initial, growth, maturation and so on the different stages of development of financial service system.

on March 28, dream town of forerunner area officially opened, the forerunner area covers an area of 230 mu, total construction area of 170000 square meters. Since the morning, “” dream town has more than 170 projects, nearly 1000 entrepreneurs, and come in succession; Geek entrepreneurial camp, warehouse etc. Eight new incubators are bred in a small town built platform success, when science and technology, etc. More than 60 financial projects have been settled. Is expected within three years, the town will offer 10000 college students entrepreneurs, start-ups, 2000, 300 fund (management) and the relevant institutions, the actual scale of asset management reached 100 billion yuan, total financial assets of more than 300 billion yuan.

dream town policy guidance