“Universal” smart meter Neptune: replace your mobile phone, tablet and TV

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in 2013, a company called Neptune has come up with a crazy idea: the invention of a smart watch, it has playing CARDS so big, but it can get rid of the control of smart phones. This invention is a creation, and its cost is the body is too heavy and bulky, as in Moto360 slender, comparing to the weak like a woman to make the Android Wear strong like a man. Now, the company with greater ambitions to return, also bring the same crazy project, they must not only upset the smart watches, your mobile phone and tablet in the same “catastrophe” of the target object.

Neptune’s new works it named Neptune Suite, it consists of six different hardware parts, Neptune will promise the six hardware like a conjoined twins tacit understanding. Today, watches the smart manufacturers (except for the samsung), all the burden of trying to “reduce” smart watches, functions such as network connection sharing for supporting the use of smart phones. While Neptune Suite in the opposite direction, it put it all on your wrist.

the appearance of the information displayed on the watches

the device is a bend in the middle of the known as the Hub of smart watches, waterproof, equipped with a 2.4 -inch capacitive touch screen, can be inserted into the nano – SIM card, support 3 g/LTE network links, carrying the Android 5.0 Lollipop. Linked to it there is a “pocket” screen (pocket screen) and “tags” screen (TAB screen), they through AD 802.11 standard (also called WiGig) connected to a Hub screen, broadening the main screen display space effectively. More complete it and three auxiliary accessories: a tablets can be converted into the laptop keyboard; With a structure of HDMI transmitter, it can change something on the Hub to other screen (similar to Google Chromecast); In addition, it also equipped with a pair of wireless headphones.

all sorts of small tools

beyond mobile phone , matches the human brain

Neptune in this area have a bold idea, according to the task you are trying to accomplish, you can achieve from one screen to another screen between the free shuttle. In other words, using a specific task placed in the place that you might need, in order to avoid everything shoehorned into your watch. This means that when you watch screen no camera, you can use “pocket screen” and “tag” screen video applications, as if you hope found in the ordinary mobile phone and tablet cameras. Neptune also promised at the same time, the auxiliary equipment will have a longer battery life, the price will be cheaper, because they can only be efficient work as peripheral displays, they are no use. Compare Apple to, like you leave Apple bought a Watch is useless or iPhone, although these units or the iPhone more little cheaper.

this is the label screen, is a resolution of 1080 10-inch tablet. With pocket screen, you can through the Hub can not use it.

at this point, Neptune promises the six sets of auxiliary equipment of the total price of $899, for the early in the network are the project financing hard to raise $100000 supporters, Neptune provide special price of just $599. The two prices in Neptune pricing all hardware equipment is absolutely cheap. Especially compared to the $349 price tag before smart watches Pine. The company also hopes to market in February next year will all software, that is to say, there is less than a year.

may be Neptune is too ambitious and handle all the human wisdom and mobile phone function input into a physical contact with your device to (rather than a pocket or bag), the idea is still extremely attractive. However, due to some technical reasons, there are still some and platform of large companies with good products, like Google, Microsoft and apple, they did not follow along with the flow: to put a strong lasting technology installed on your wrist, and not out of any mistakes, it’s too hard, especially in battery life and basic usability. Perhaps one day it will realize, at least in Neptune’s idea, we don’t have to wait much longer.

watch connected to the keyboard

Source: TheVerge

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