Ucweb CEO: LBS success or failure depends on the ability to “the Internet”

in the geek park sponsored GIF innovation conference in 2015, Scott launch Scott indoor map version. Alibaba group UC mobile business group President ucweb CEO said the LBS as a product of both the Internet and map cross-border integration, ‘not’ ability and the ability is just as important as the Internet, the Internet can not ignore the importance of professional map.

in fact, this is not a gold indoor map made its debut. Last July, Scott for ChinaJoy custom pavilion indoor map, the search for the business, in 2013. So far has been covered with a second-tier cities of the country’s more than 2000 buildings, such as Beijing xidan Joy City, wanda square landmark building, etc. This also for the gold map location information to gain more resources, by extending to indoor, outdoor travel and life needs to solve more users.

in ucweb CEO’s view, the Internet maps product divides the upper body and lower body, is a cross-border integration products, corresponding applications and data, high degree of users rely on. Therefore, LBS is definitely a huge entrance, and increment. After he took over gold business, cut down O2O services, will promote the optimization of map products performance and experience, focusing on the LBS service, at the same time to bet on map data information collection and professional construction team.

“data is the foundation of map makers, and map professional ability is the foundation of LBS business, Internet thinking strong cannot replace them again.” Ucweb CEO said, everyone should have the fear of the professional ability, rather than on the Internet for driving force increase in the number of cross-border exploration cases all think that the Internet can easily revolution blindly.

ucweb CEO, points out that the Internet equivalent of “body” and “thinking”, responsible for the “fast”, (traditional) business ability is the “soul” crossover, can let the cross-border business “ran for a long time.

specific to traditional companies operating on the Internet, he is on the issue of building leadership. In the process of team bonding, Internet team and the traditional industry both sides need to overcome inertia. If only in the original business chain to join the Internet business is risky, must realize self revolution, do some segments in the traditional organization, although the process pain, but to be able to speed up the integration.