True or a farce? Rumours that drops and fast merger negotiations

some time ago, around a taxi and easy to transport for merger rumors soon die, and a marriage rumors came again. Leading role or drops a taxi, however, “object” has become a quick take a taxi.

events from small diffusion first, after a Wall Street journal reported last night, things authenticity was increased somewhat, look at the specific progress together.

the Wall Street journal said, citing people familiar with alibaba to support the fast taxi and tencent support drops a taxi into the last stage of negotiations, but the final merger plan has not yet been finalized, the merger plan still need to get their big shareholders.

, people familiar with the added, trading content is not entirely sure down, but can now conclude that alibaba and tencent in the merger of the new company should they hold shares in the same proportion. If no new funding at the time of merger, according to a recent financing when calculated the value of the merger of the valuation of the new company is about 6 billion dollars.

people familiar with the matter said, adding that if negotiations smoothly, it is possible, announced deals in the coming days.

at present, the drops and fast two shareholders without overlapping. Drops in major investors is mainly composed of tencent, citic, cic, temasek, etc; And fast ways mainly by alibaba, matrix partners, tiger funds and softbank China, etc. Two months ago, drops and fast also announced a new round of financing, respectively, the amount of $700 million and $600 million respectively, add ammunition for the subsequent expansion.

although financing finalised early to declare for a period of time, but at the moment, if really to consolidate some strange, and most people are of the opinion that this possibility is very low. The biggest reason is tencent and ali for huge O2O business in layout, travel service is a simple and easy to cut into the business. But the current problem is more competition from upper regulation and are burning money.

similar merged layer appeared in the history of the Chinese Internet. When youku and potato occupies the domestic online video in the first camp to win market and are burning money, finally realized the merger under overall consideration.

for drops and fast, the merge is good for both sides, in addition to save money, there are some other benefits. Now the two companies have been in a war of attrition, in order to compete for drivers and passengers hit the wall. If the two companies merged together, can achieve mutual complementary in different areas.

at the moment, neither side drops and fast to make clear the news.