Tomatoes: serving the inn master PMS, eat play for closed loop through offline

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

“a tomato is a fruit and vegetable, give a person a kind of lively warm feeling.” Tomatoes to the founder Mr James tien pei-chun said named products. It is understood that this tiny tomatoes, are now in the country two root and shoot m inn home stay facility. In short, the tomato is a kind of PMS (hotel management system), the main service object is inn QingLv, home, holiday apartments in tourist city and the style of the travel destination hotel accommodation forms, tomato come through PC add APP synchronization management, help hotel owners in the online information management; At the same time, the tomato came through the cloud order directly connected with the major otas platform. Mr James tien pei-chun, founder of the former tencent for many years, won the national professional managers done in honor.

at present, China’s online hotel booking market is in the midst of the explosive growth of home stay facility, the second quarter of 2014 home inn reservation online market reached 130 million yuan, rose 58.5%, year-on-year growth of 333.3% (data source: analysys international, China’s online home inn reservation market research report, 2014), more personalized, appreciating the accommodation environment, such as home inn big popular with the tourists. People tend to use ctrip, such as where to OTA directly to the hotel reservation, but the order of Internet mode is one-way: many small hotels promote themselves, via the Internet from big OTA accept electronic orders, but through the traditional pen and paper to record and manage housing – the reason is the high cost of traditional hotel PMS, complex operation, not on the market a meet the demand of small and medium-sized characteristic hotel PMS.

Mr James tien pei-chun found this market demand, and his team designed the tomatoes here – dedicated to serving the inn bosses of PMS, the product is a feature visualization of simple operation.” Tomatoes to the technicians to cloud network is introduced to the hunting. Tomatoes to the interface provides the housing situation, financial, notice and so on project recently, docking at the back of the cooperation channels at the same time, to the standardization of hotel industry to provide a function a lot of the personalized system can set themselves up again. Product is another feature independence, that is, “no OTA background, third-party neutral” pattern.

why emphasize independence?

in fact as early as 2013, taobao travel has introduced products for the main service inn; Since then, elong investment “cloud the shopkeeper,” ctrip released via “inn”, where to launch of the “full”. Using OTA platform management system, however, is equal to the inn card OTA platform to learn, will lose the game of Jordan farmar and channels. But with OTA background PMS has a strong marketing team, improve the rankings, such as increasing the flow of customers resources, inn operators had to register several PMS, to keep his position in consultation with major otas. Launched in 2013, the tomato to have no third party background, with the help of a third party neutral advantage, get trust inn owners instead, use the loyalty of the system and higher activity.

for inn bosses, passenger housing is the most important income; After the check-in, passengers often asked the innkeeper and small 2 about eating, playing, purchase, done a series of consumer information, here is the information of secondary sales, sales in stealth business model and scattered runs.


to want to eat tomatoes for secondary sales and the PMS platform through: do PMS at the same time, the service offline – extended quadratic distribution chain, to contact the business model of scientific management, through online booking, eat play offline purchase and consumption of vertical loop. “Now do more and more Internet companies, O2O mode is also up, but in recent years, we find that in fact the Internet mode is getting heavier and heavier line. Tomatoes to the PMS is a O2O, the goal is to combine online.” Mr James tien pei-chun on emphasis.

tomatoes to the founding team from tencent, ctrip, domestic well-known Internet companies such as sina; Team is currently a total of more than eighty people, technical research and development team based in chengdu, operations team and marketing team scattered in various tourist attractions in the country.