Today’s headlines for the next five years, we will continue to improve the algorithm, but still uneven information gap

the next five years, we will continue to improve the algorithm, and continue to make recommendation intelligence. Today’s headline data in the annual conference, CEO yi-ming zhang hoped that in the next five years, relying on algorithm to different extent, the liberation of the human brain, large-scale information gap to flatten out as much as possible.

but information can be erased? Mobile acceleration is information fragmentation, more suitable for smaller circle for his care information, they need to do is timely and comprehensive. Actually can literally, today’s headlines in the field of news recommendation, can rival baidu news edition.

but is not to say that on the body, the algorithm is more behind the technology. Today’s headline itself is a recommendation engine products based on data mining. Based on the information of interest is recommended for everyone, and also can get some the reading trends of the masses in the macroscopic Angle.

tag to media, do core recommendation algorithm, user identification, do flow media aggregation platform, make personalized information to the client, this is today’s headlines on the way. Here does not discuss whether real media information whether can achieve individuation, as well as the system algorithm to learn user habit probably need how long, also don’t discuss for accurate analysis user directed traffic to liquidate the future will encounter obstacles. Here today is only said today’s headlines based on platform of users on the reading trends could tell some interesting data:

1: the era of mobile phone to watch the news, how much – word article communication effect best? The answer is “thousand character classic”!

2: where people love to collect articles? The answer is in shandong and northeast.

3: over the past year, everyone is concerned about a big star? Is “running to make than” deng chao? The “goddess” AngelaBaby? NO! Today’s headline annual “national star” is Mr. Ma! The frequency associated with ma’s article, the largest is the “richest man”! Well, money is capricious!

4: “saying” claims, eat “but life is the first event. Favorite collection articles, both big northeast again topped the “largest version region”. What is the national vegetable? Eggplant! “Cheese” shout when you take a photo (because) the national fruit is what? Apple! (not more expensive than that in renal apple oh)

5: yi-ming zhang classmates in his speech also released over the past year he read data on the headline “today”, the most concerned about is the network, the most care about yes Tang Yan, he appeared only in headlines, star was Shen Jiayi! Yi-ming zhang also open the secret in his cell phone mobile phone in 428 APP really ecstasy!