To this tour: Internet “light” mode of thinking, “heavy” destination tourism grafting O2O

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homogeneous competition, giant infighting, online travel companies price war between the beltway, more emerging startups is constantly emerging, based on customer’s fight for market is also killing more than online travel what might happen in the future changes, or an open question. But it is undeniable that more and more tourism start-up, hoping to get the business done with the help of the Internet advantage is lighter, faster, but cloud network focus on hunting “here to swim in the opposite direction,” grafting “heavy” O2O will travel destination service.

to the travel network founded in August 2013 to this company, officially launched in April 2014. Here to swim in xinjiang tourism as a breakthrough point, in the hope that under the heavy capital investment, the purchase directly to the destination service, through to the middle, let visitors enjoy the cheap and depth of the theme of the tourism. Online travel industry, taking tourism market segment is still worth doing now, and put forward by the “swim” come to this travel mode: reverse thinking to tourism destination for the overall goal of “to the swim” mode, as the differentiation and specialization competition breakthrough.

it is clear that to dig this swim through to the destination’s tourism resources, to provide users with the characteristics of tourist routes. The user can through to the platform, according to the destination, travel days, theme Tours and travel patterns determined. In travel destination, here to swim, to provide customers with walking Tours, photography Tours, sightseeing Tours, different topics, such as lovers swims with theme tour line, “every line has a corresponding to the theme of the formation and point in time, rather than simply ‘get on sleep, pictures'”.

at present, with trips to this tour travel products including (a schedule with the itinerary is the leader of travel), private Tours Tours (XiaoBaoTuan, half), free (airfare, hotel, tickets, car rental any combination) and activity ticketing activities (single, single, or activity, or ticket packaging combination). Users can “swim” come to this website, APP and taobao shop order. By offering free tickets, hotel to supplier system, access to user data, using big data analysis to the supplier to provide advices on product development, promotion, etc., and thus realize the supplier of the supply chain management. To this tour will be training to suppliers, scoring and elimination mechanism, so as to improve the service ability of the supplier.

the whole, to the “heavy” O2O model has been based on the destination tourism services to build. Here to swim to build a platform, through the acquisition of local experienced travel agency, self-built to pick up the service platform, integration of the local travel service suppliers, purchase directly to the destination tourism resources, the past that only through “to access the” single output model, into online direct marketing model, the product direct docking to tourists, providing one-stop travel services. At present, to the swim for xinjiang, hainan, shaanxi, yunnan, sanya, five New Zealand destination product, tomorrow will be to enter Australia, Canada and the us market.

well, here to swim compared with old three kinds of travel sites, specific whether there is advantage in price, variety and service? First of all, it is direct marketing platform, to tourism products manufacturing and provide directly by the destination service provider, not the intermediate links, more transparent and more reasonable price. Second, the platform provides various booking service, car rental, reservation, ticket reservation, scuba diving, mountain climbing, hiking, wedding… The destination to how to play, how visitors can order. Most importantly, after be being consumed first to swim this user can payment, to ensure that the tourism quality. Tourists travel everywhere all can “return”, every consumer will be sent to you by SMS App and step by step to confirm payment by the buyer. In addition, the technology of mobile App also be better should be on a trip to the user. To swim this App after locate visitors, will provide visitors with beer and skittles surrounding the merchant service, gently only, visitors can deep like a native.

as we have learned to swim this main target customers positioning between 30 to 45 years old social elite white-collar workers, these people have a lot of tourist experience, not affected by other geographical factors. But for here to swim, price and service is the most troubling of two problems, and the service is the most difficult to guarantee. At present, for that matter, “here to swim through the local based team, service monitoring was carried out on the local service providers, and use the incentives for providers to establish competition and cooperation of interest, to ensure that the service provider’s services.

cloud network that hunting to swim this game in two aspects has carried on the innovation, first, the destination as a starting point, the logic of the conventional tourism product, secondly, on the Internet “light” logic of thinking, to do more “heavy” O2O. But even for people to visit this method is novel, again also cannot avoid the industry homogeneity, the cutthroat environment challenges. About “the swim” future development, on the one hand, is a collection of destination all the scattered information service, also for these smaller local travel service providers to provide a greater platform and provide support to marketing and service automation; Selection and good destination tourism cooperation enterprise, on the other hand to open its soil, this swim to replicate in the country and around the world in the future cities.