To submit an application for a patent for a new morning post: apple, tesla announced the firmware update

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apple to submit an application for a patent for a new

according to apple recently, according to a patent application documents submitted by it are working on new technology of the virtual keyboard for the Mac. The submission of an application for a patent for how apple will use its Taptic technology was introduced in detail for virtual buttons can give a person a kind of feeling like physical buttons.

Swiss watch joined Google Intel launched luxury smart watches

Swiss luxury watchmaker tag heuer work with Google and Intel announced it is developing a luxury smart watch. Tiger house bills this watch will use Intel’s smart chip components, watches with Google Android Wear operating system, while housing, pointer, design and knob from Switzerland.

ok, we already feel Alexander from apple pears…

tesla announced a firmware upgrade to solve “range anxiety”

announced the tesla Model S models the latest firmware upgrade version 6.2, the version of the principal upgrade is the new intelligent route planning function, in order to solve part of the owner’s “range anxiety”. Through the way of software upgrade, let owner don’t have to plan where to recharge yourself, need to stay a few inferior among long-distance travel, intelligently through real-time networking system to help owners planning the trip.

well, although not solve the fundamental problem, but at least more human.

amazon next year will pass Webstore

amazon officially released will be closed in June 1, 2016 online website building business Webstore, but specific closed reason has not been revealed. Amazon platform sellers need to find a new service for more than a year of time replacement, electrical contractor Shopify rivals such as Canada and Australia electric business start-ups Bigcommerce is expected to gain more customers.

red flag software cooperation with qihoo 360 push independent domestic operating system

red flag software announced and qihoo 360 reached a strategic cooperation, will jointly promote the independent security domestic operating system. Both sides have finished product compatibility tests, 360 security guards domestic system features the product can be used on all the red flag Linux operating system. The two sides will work together to create open environment, the establishment of high safety, strong compatibility of operating system.

had samsung mobile phones will fill with mediatek processor low-end product line

in the second half of 2014, samsung and cooperation negotiations, mediatek and mediatek fastest in the second half of 2015 will become a samsung application processor supplier. Mediatek for mobile equipment market diversified product line, complete supply chain support, and strong technical support services to fill the blank of the samsung.

yahoo China was downsized workers “plunder”

including jingdong, millet, amazon, sohu, iQIYI, home of car and drops a taxi, and Internet companies are north to yahoo research was laid personnel to offer an olive branch, and some companies even sent technical director personally to yahoo north research “grab” downstairs. Yahoo Beijing r&d center was laid personnel were “plunder”, partly because the recruitment standard is very high, and the headquarters of the core technology of Beijing completely open, of course, on the other hand, because the Internet is lack of people.

HP three 51% stake sale to China

HP server business is selling China sanhe China current control of GDP is expected to exceed $2.5 billion. Thunis, icbc direct investment department of finance capital and state-owned China huaxin post economic development center has been included in the list. HP plans to sell China sanhe server business 51% stake in China.

everyone 90% stake in elong to transfer $12.2 million nanjing

elong announced that it had signed on nanjing everyone held by the information technology co., LTD., shares of the equity transfer agreement. According to the agreement, zijin analyses will be RMB 76.5 million ($12.2 million) to buy a 90% stake in nanjing everyone. Before this, elong holds a 95.05% stake in nanjing everyone, and nanjing everyone employees hold a 4.95% stake in everyone.

Japan’s lotte will $415 million deal to buy the ebook

the Japanese electricity giant lotte company with about 50 billion yen ($415 million) to buy OverDriver electronic companies in the United States. Lotte on Thursday announced the acquisition of OverDriver will become a wholly owned subsidiary of lotte. Lotte in recent years acquired a number of companies to reduce the dependence on its home market.

shenzhen light qi for 1.596 billion yuan investment in Dr Peng

shenzhen rev announced that sign a contract with Dr Peng light, at a cost of 1.596 billion yuan, 80 million shares subscribed Dr Peng non-public. Dr Peng the plans to the price of $19.95 per share, non-public object to eight is less than 250 million shares, to raise funds total does not exceed 4.9875 billion yuan. Changan information technology and other seven objects to subscription of 50 million shares to 10 million shares.

Dr Peng is a private telecommunications media group, with “the Great Wall broadband” and “broad band” two broadband brand, also through the terminal equipment such as barley, barley TV box layout OTT market.

youku potatoes, ctrip, everyone get rich at

youku tudou in the fourth quarter net revenue of RMB 1.26 billion ($203.8 million), compared with the same period in 2013 increased by 40%; The net loss of 318.1 million yuan ($51.3 million), than the same period in 2013, the net loss of 24.6 million yuan ($4 million) have widened.

ctrip net revenue in the fourth quarter of 1.9 billion yuan ($308 million), up 33% from a year earlier, after stronger-than-expected year-on-year growth of 30%; Attributable to shareholders of a company’s net loss of 224 million yuan ($36 million), compared with the same period last year net profit attributable to shareholders of 261 million yuan ($43 million).

renren net revenue of $1720 in the fourth quarter, down 38.5% year-on-year. Belongs to all the company’s net profit of $35 million, more than a year ago belongs to everyone of the company’s $100.8 million net profit fell 65%.

investors see not bottom go to, calling everyone Chen: class waste a another chance, also busy make up an excuse.

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