To name startup, you need to avoid the three pitfalls

hunting cloud network note: a rose by any other name, also is its fragrance. But for a company, name of the first impression is very important. Many startups, combined the two phrases for novelty and achieves a new words as their own names and slogans, but an scratching their heads. So how to give your company a good name?

throughout Asia technology startups names and slogans, is really strange. Every company wants to put the name to let a person shine at the moment, so you can have a unique domain name, as well as the user, the media, investors of a place in my heart, I can understand the pursuit of the benefits of the original.

but many startups “originality” is pretty much the same: spell two existing words into a meaningless words. I just recently discovered a textbook example (made an example of you, I’m sorry) : India a live-action enhance company named Imaginate, its slogan is “Technovating reality”. (note: cloud network editor king hunting Imaginate here is combines imagination imagination and verb endings – ate, Technovating is to combine technology and innovating science and technology innovation, reality, and the company is in live-action enhancement (augmented reality) work.)

this method of naming the problem is that it’s moving hard made name is pointless. What is the meaning of imaginate? Technovating reality is what mean? I don’t know, if I happened to be in before Startup Chile saw this company, I will think you are kidding me. The name and slogan sounds like directly from HBO comedy are picked out of the “silicon valley”.

but it is very common, like Imaginate company name and slogan can be seen everywhere. Please don’t ever do that again, so that not only is not original, but worse, completely pointless.

to compare “Imaginate: Technovating reality” and “Subway: eat fresh (Subway: fresh delicious now are doing)”. Both company is the name of a word or two words of slogans, but Imaginate name and slogan will not give me much information, I can see the company related to science and technology, and think that their imaginative and creative ability, but it is too fuzzy. Subway, on the other hand, you can tell me a lot of trademark, from its name and the slogan of “eat” you can see this is a restaurant, I thought fresh crisp lettuce and freshly baked bread, these three words clearly tell me why the Subway is not only, but also successfully aroused my appetite.

of course this is not a fair comparison, because the Subway have billions of dollars in assets and a whole team of marketing experts, they may spend months or even years to come up with such a slogan. But start-ups do need to spend some effort in this aspect, especially in Asia the heroes and heroines are especially competitive place. A catchy name and a clear slogan can firmly attract investors rather than let them sleep.

keep in mind that these Suggestions about the name and trademark:

don’t make new words. if the company name must build new words, the slogan you’ve got to be able to convey information and promote the real word. But have to say like Google refer to existing words and then make a little change is very clever, sergey brin and larry page at first the company named Googol, refers to the 10 100 times the power, said they can provide very large data, and the investors for their cheque is written in the Google.

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avoid using jargon. potential investors may not be the experts in this field, you even don’t know much about science and technology, a special professional term may make people ignore it. In simple terms, from the perspective of the most simple introduce your company is doing.

avoid buzzwords. I’ve said before, unless the people want to be the guillotine, that your product is not “revolutionary”, and other bad street words such as “subversive” and “innovative” should also be crossed off from your spare list. Your slogan should be as simple as possible to introduce your company, whether it is true subversive and innovative, should be judged by others. The more emphasis on innovation, could the company do not have this.

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