To a fire: rooted in chengdu, in restaurant O2O perspective of hotpot takeaways

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with restaurant O2O boom and the innovation of Internet technology, traditional food and beverage industry is huge impact, also gave rise to some new business model. As for hot pot the subdivision of the categories, sales model from the traditional store consumption, took to the catering takeout. At present, focus on the hot pot delivery platform has two, namely, chengdu to a fire and Beijing picky, in terms of “to a” fire, hot pot sent outside the user what pain points and breakthrough point to solve the problem, what is the core of the pattern and existing disadvantages of, in which direction to go in the future?

with these questions, cloud network interview to hunting “to a fire” entrepreneurial teams. In terms of chengdu, on consumption habits, people prefer spicy sichuan, the soil that breeds very strong hot pot life. And on the market capacity, the public comments on the latest results showed that chengdu has 9967 “hot pot”, while Beijing has 7763 “hot pot”. The size and potential of the individual cities, make a fire to founding members believe that hot pot industry still has great potential in chengdu.

on the other hand, the hot pot of “intermediate”, ingredients easy standardization, it determines the feasibility of chafing dish out: the same vegetables or sheep, even experienced transportation in assaying the fineness of turbulence would not loss; Soup and hot pot with the help of sealed bag packaging material, also can better “sealed” unique hotpot tastes.

from this perspective, the growing popularity of hot pot in sichuan, determines the hot pot has a huge market demand to be delivered to the outside. Hot pot to be delivered to the outside, however, the first thing to do is form cooperation with hotpot restaurant “alliance”. At present, to a fire in chengdu hot pot stores nearly 80 brands of cooperation, a total of 300 stores, including the old wharf, western sichuan bazi, we, Wu Ming hot pot, sweet taste shu world, such as dragon 燚 more famous brand.

in the practical use, the user first login to the site to the fire, WeChat, APP client channels, such as the input address to be delivered to the outside, after system that can automatically match the surrounding hot pot business, of course also can choose any other cooperation hotpot business over a long distance. Online ordering, customers can choose hotpot restaurant dishes, POTS, online payment after meal price and shipping, the order was sent to the hot pot business and at the same time to the fire distribution of mobile phones. Merchants immediately dishes, marki reached outside stores to send quickly.

hunting cloud network understanding, through the integration of its own logistics distribution system optimization, from customer orders to delivery, generally takes 1 hour, 45 minutes fastest. In addition, if the user had no ready-made kitchen, marki can also back incidentally induction cooker and POTS, for the customer free of charge, for elective door-to-door recovery after meal.

every food take-away will be involved in the logistics distribution problems, the user experience is critical to the success of the project. In order to achieve the orders from the user to send hot pot door-to-door distribution experience, in 1 hour to a fire now in chengdu in the east, south, west, north, set up seven distribution station, more than 30 distribution personnel distribution within seven distribution station at ordinary times, go to the nearby hotpot store, distribution near the door.

in addition, in order to provide a better user experience, entrepreneurial team designed the special distribution box and lunch boxes, each distribution box is presented in a hot pot with “convenient package”, hair clips, elastic, paper towels, disposable chopsticks and other small items, even the packing box in the propaganda of paper also both “tablecloth” effect. If you are a good ChiZui convenience, you eat a meal at home hot pot, don’t even need to wash the dishes, and wipe the table.

on the channels to expand, to a fire in addition to set up their own web site, WeChat ID, mobile phone APP and the telephone order system, also introduced the tao now little and public comments on platform, and using its vast drainage ability to attract customers. Hunting cloud network understanding, “a fire” also expanded its own brand “hot pot dishes” outside business, namely take food, its price is in line with general stores in the city, the two boxes loaded free delivery to your door.

cloud network understanding, hunting for a fire has completed two rounds of financing, capital market and the operation mode of the value to a fire. For traditional hot pot shop, even if again good business also should be limited by hall area and turn over rate, especially in the evening rush hour, the lobby are full, after hutch tend to idle, not only to help out a chafing dish store increase sales, also hotpot restaurant open to users, save the store cost; For the user, also need not wait in line, can enjoy hot pot meal at home, so this is a mutual interference between the two sides.

but in hunting cloud network point of view, the lack of hot pot distribution is low frequency, compared with the dinner user consumption twice a day, once a week to eat hot pot in chengdu frequency is higher than the national average, which is determined by the characteristics of the hot pot, number, dining time is long, high total consumption.

second, delivery of logistics distribution mode but also easy to do, from the distribution quality and delivery time and so on aspects to improve the user experience, but rely on manpower distribution, the scale at the same time inevitably along with the personnel cost and management costs rise, so how to use new technology to continuously improve the efficiency of distribution has become the core of the platform to be delivered to the outside, also can do it a key link in the process of rapid area every other platforms.