TL; DR: “Indonesia time” only news within 100 words for you

in the whole society in the pursuit of fast rhythm, under the trend of news are also moving closer to the “fast”. Indonesia’s two brothers developed a news application, unlike other applications, the news provided by this app is within 100 words. Under the premise of without changing the news integrity, greatly reducing the reading time.

once as a freshman, people often tell me, our generation can’t focus your attention. May not be all that, but I did most of the people around you. As content become more acceptable, we need to know more information, in the above time is still not changed.

this is particularly applicable to news, sit down and quietly read a newspaper seems to be a completely unnecessary and formidable thing. In fact, most people I know are from Twitter or Facebook access to news and information. When it comes to this matter, I was thinking about William and Winston wu two brothers, because they have developed a called “Indonesia time” (Indonesian Times) applications.

the basis of the app is simple – it provides readers with news of not more than 100 words. Company will do lean news is hope readers can read more news at a time, instead of just browsing a word many news. COO William wu’s interview tells us that people use application an average of 10 minutes each time, most of them are in the morning and evening. “We believe that users will use our application in commuting or working hours”.

at present, Indonesia time news comes from each big has confirmed the authenticity of the news platform, such as CNN (CNN), Al Jazeera (Qatar peninsula TV station) and Kompas (Kompas). The company has a team of seven journalists are responsible for the news to minimum. Wu’s two brothers is convinced that as long as six elements manually extract from the news, people, time, place, cause, process, result) can be reduced to 100 words article, at the same time to ensure the integrity of the information.

this app can only be used in Indonesia, currently has ten topics. Startup plan in the future will be applied to other southeast Asian countries, in the form of native language, of course.

this form of News has been proved as Circa and Yahoo News Digest the popularity of such applications.

Indonesia time will face from the news market in terms of news has been building complete Detik, Okezone and the fierce competition in the BaBe. However they are not in direct competition with Indonesia time, because time in Indonesia has a unique best word news strategy.

at present, this app has stores Play, it will also be available for browsing.