Through the service for the landlord get tenants resources, nine pigs to earn money by community O2O eventually

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cloud network hunting note: nine pig network is a focus in the field of rental start-ups, combination of platform + system solve pain points for “professional” landlord needs, help them to reduce the time cost and energy cost, make them more efficient and convenient management properties. As a breakthrough point, cut to the tenant’s rental service life, could eventually cut into the community property service life. Nine pigs in 14 years completed in September 4 million angel financing, has launched A round of funding.

it is understood that the current roughly divided into several professional housing landlord management way, the first kind of the most original way, use a notebook to record, record management is advanced in excel form, the third is to download some free hotel management software. Predictably low efficiency of management.

based on the landlord’s pain points, nine pig’s solution is to set up a standardized management system, free help professional landlord improving management efficiency. First of all, to audit strictly professional landlord, filtered and the housing quality and authenticity and certification, and establish the evaluation system. In providing multiterminal (WEB/APP/micro letter) rental management system at the same time, to provide standardized offline services, including free design, furniture design, clean booth conveying, etc.

in particular, after the house is in before the rent, rent, rent of the state, there will be a lot of trivial things, has long left the house? When the tenant of the house rent? Another house furniture is broken when maintenance and so on trivial problems, nine pigs will according to the landlord the first entry of information feedback to the landlord and the landlord the problems related to housekeeping team, so that you can achieve the landlord the effectiveness of the control, the housekeeper. It also can solve the problem of landlord use nine pig power, which brought him a convenient and efficient.

in terms of tenants, also on the real-name authentication, set up credit system, and provide a more humanized and comprehensive rental services, including no agency fees, pay the rent month rent, insurance, etc. But if a tenant defaults or malicious damage furniture supplies, nine pigs will pull into the blacklist, in terms of future housing credit will be affected by certain influence.

nine pig solution eventually give priority to in order to service the landlord, according to a cloud network hunting, nine pig net rent the apartment management system WEB client and WeChat end has been launched. Nationwide has more than 500 professional landlord using nine pig system, between the number of housing more than 30000, the APP will launch in the near future.

in the future, nine pigs will with real estate developers, government agencies, financial institutions and more rent area and long chain related closely with the third party, can help the government statistical information of the floating population and provide tenants with accumulation fund of social security, credit consumption services.

nine pig founder iwade to hunt cloud network, said that nine pig development plan probably can be divided into three parts, the first is to establish a service to the end user of homeowners free management system, and as far as possible to attract more homeowners use; The second is to set up nine pig his house rental platform, B and C end users to provide a high quality rental platform without intermediary; System management housing tenants the third is to provide services of all kinds of local life, this is nine pigs eventually business model.

at present, nine pig development program is running, the first part of the future will be according to the number of users according to the actual situation to develop relevant business of the city, the current number of users is growing steadily. For the second part, the iwade, said just hope for our customers to provide a high quality rental platform of channels, and don’t care about this user from 58 or market, as long as the landlord can eventually use nine pig management system, the sense is not conflict and other platforms, because the game is different. The third part, the tenant accumulated to a certain degree, after nine pigs can be and high quality of life by a third party service platform for cooperation, to provide users with better services, these services may include delivery, laundry and other kinds of door-to-door service, may also be in parenting, medical treatment, and even to buy a house, buy home appliance, etc.

team, nine pigs, founder and CEO iwade Internet experience, eight years in the field of TMT O2O, mobile Internet, social aspects have certain experience and resources. Nine pigs to other members including technology Daniel from real estate brokerage companies, including senior operating Internet start-ups. Nine pig target is from chengdu, is committed to integration and change the rental market in China.

have to mention is that if the industry giant imitate nine pigs do? This is all startup teams should consider the problem. The iwade said, “we each have a play, China’s real estate industry has a very large space, can’t be a company alone big, there will be a lot of space for other firms. Brand after to do it, must be have the regional barriers, even with all the money has the resources of giant want to do this, also not so easy.”

in the current industry giants are aware of this problem, can’t be yourself to do something, not only could be achieved, even may affect its core business, but more tend to strategic investments and acquisitions to supplement the iec itself in the short board, under the background of the “Internet +” big entrepreneurs all Internet industry, is a positive trend.