Theory of clouds ramble hunting 】 【 a good tablet “basic training”

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cloud network hunting note: dear reader, please note! Hunting cloud network editor jun had invited some imagination (imagination) special hardware geeks (open) the user experience. They have a powerful and unconstrained style of thinking, for many years in the field of intelligent hardware “immersion”, let them have a critical eye, the viper’s comments. Future hunting cloud network will launch a week at least one period feature article, clouds ramble hunting 】 【 to bring us some interesting topics about the intelligent hardware experience. Here may be full of subjective geek feeling, you may not agree with point of view, but our aim is to give some of these provide a platform to express one’s ideas, also hope for hardware vendors or entrepreneurial teams at the same time, bring the line (also may be some extreme) user feedback. Hunting cloud network editor gentleman welcome to ridicule, to argue, because we believe that: once scold, back to the second, three to four back into a friend!

as a senior digital enthusiasts, I in all kinds of flash various kinds of STH over and over again, it can be said to be the abuse of heart and harp of seasoning and come all the way, have been read in nowadays various mainstream tablet system cross-platform advanced experience. So, after in guangxi beihai with lovely water sports center in shandong canoeing team work and learning, the good times, dormant for a long time I finally decided to use a small endowment of manuscript low-key return digital editing, but also a system comprehensive introduce foreign coaches to guide in a tablet as a memorable birthday present. (I’m going to write a Chinese written and verbal translation into Hungarian told him)

when I was asked the teacher recommended tablets, in fact I was rejected. As for why, believe that many people will and I hold the same reason:

one of, as the domestic dividend of samsung is the major manufacturers carry forward, even your apple face, to redefine the mobile phone the best grip size, even more and more fake tablets are combined with the function of the so-called “calls”, various “Note” is popular today, the difference between mobile phone and tablet and how much?

second, given that “there is no opportunity, no buying and selling” inverse direction of thinking, we usually use in what circumstances do really have a tablet computer? Want to actually is very simple:

1. The first is please pay attention to my words, “essential” that is to say, even with the domestic mobile phone, I still need a tablet. For ocd patients and specialize in syndrome and this necessity is self-evident.

2. Apart from the above, the subjectivity of the passive skill is often under some applications, these applications on a mobile phone experience is much less than the tablet, so these applications must be in areas such as web browsing and video broadcast, we are desktops and laptops and TV the large screen is poison for so many years, already do not need to explain too much, you know.

3. Compared with traditional Office mode, now a lot of SOHO gens (Smart Office Home Office) and senior white-collar workers tend to light the paperless Office, so portability more tablets would be in some cases, such as fragmentation time business efficiency, is when the UMPC and MID products such as the purpose of the test the waters.

4. Less populist client, such as a company, a hospital, a business unit staff within the local area network application, our common medicinal tablet and bank lobby manager handheld tablet, etc. These end materialization, convenient for operation effectiveness of increase and the possibility of cooperation.

5. Finally a kind of tablet is designed mobile intelligent extension, this kind of tend to have niche, is a technique to pit pit pattern to gather a vase, normal consumer use sickened by some amateur.

generally is the upstairs, so breakfast is about to start now step-by-step corresponding all this are just the next thought a good tablet “basic training” :

one of, is to screen one more possibility. This promotional video on Win 10 special in place. A good tablet should be worth geek exploration of STH over and over again at the same time give the broad masses of ordinary users to use low learning cost, convenient for the user at the same time in the mobile terminal and computer to realize sharing information and data. So over the years, as the house of Palm WebOS applications, called Touch2Share again like apple in OS X Yosemite embedded HandOff ah, again say blackberry PlayBook in carrying QNX system on bridging function, such as LG again in their G tablet exclusive Q Pair sharing function call, etc., are all aimed at the trend of beneficial attempt.

second, almost every kind of tablet when the factory will be installed at least a web browser and multimedia applications, however, we almost effortlessly can cite a lot of so-called “must-have” levels of the same type used to replace them, for example, look, UC browser Chrome, planting more quickly screen interaction and so on and so on. These applications is to ensure that our for Flash, HTML 5 and RMVB, blu-ray and 4 k format of absolute victory good comrades. So a good tablet not only in the aspect of hardware need to be able to meet the size and configuration is not down, also have to ensure basic compatibility on software optimization and software ecosystem integrity. So too old or too upset plate plate can only say that looks very beautiful. For example, a simple and crude pre-installed in the design language of Win tablet browser do both the desktop and Metro pre-installed version of ceramic tile, and more dog blood entanglement is not only the two functions overlap in thinking, even are not up to get anywhere “of” a clear request, always have to force we call firefox plugin and tencent live home page micro letter, can let a person speechless.

third, actually a lot of third party Office applications are on the phone and HD version began, but have to say have a Microsoft Office standard lay there, after they are but in cat picture tiger embarrassment. Think that year Microsoft a seconds off the high-profile launch Windows RT tablet, selling point is almost just desktop level office three-piece suit, it is strongly tied to buy software hardware crater is good, say good CAD! PDF CAJ! Office may will use the format of the support, and so on where did you go? White-collar workers take a tablet or Surface for sure see ebook if Bai Fu beauty & amp; Grosvenor LTD handsome? ! An excellent light office tablets and tablet itself is actually, many people hold the purpose of the office but was lying flat on playing the game, there is no mandatory implementation force to push and how many people could really forsake the traditional office mode make tablet office everyday? And using habits requires third-party software designers to find the knowledge workers back to the tablet size, need to find the feel, let us choose the productive forces.

4, said to a specific client terminal carrier set, a good tablet computer must have a degree of brand recognition and credibility, quality can give the buyer with steadfast in place of service, to meet the needs of the business level of safety and efficiency. So this point, a good tablet needs a good dad or andie.

five, we look at the various trends of the digital world innovation after being shot dead on the beach, such as the late MOTOROLA Webtop production line, samsung’s Bada production line and has been a TV and watch the recognition of LG adopted WebOS product line, these tablets may have the niche platform can be constructive as experience and transcend predecessors, gave us such as the touchstone wireless charging remote control, TV Out projection display, the learning interaction, and so on tablet features beneficial attempt. A good tablet is to be a black technology laboratories, good for you, give you a fresh, fun for you, for mutual benefit, on the one hand, let consumer experience in advance of science and technology, better find a breakthrough point, on the other hand to promote producer.

6, for yes, consumers are appearance association. As shape control is the absolute relative standard of the party, I can’t say that I bought for my mother’s home Sharp Crystal pattern is frameless must than my hand of the house of the NEC double screen folding N05e pseudo tablet good-looking, also a precipice wouldn’t use the bag essential New Kindle to despise the Mini users play games, won’t regret it even I get a white samsung Note 10.1 for nokia 1020 how the company losses, I believe that my next tablet will always let me closer to my favorite that one good board. What appearance may not be able to predict, but attempt to diversification, such as qu bing, such as asymmetry, such as screen is there will be more to pay for the good.