The years of Internet financial “coupon”, template circle money day is over

(article/who 闫森)

recently, big Internet financial companies have raised money, few people buy board template online station group, then close run is also sees more scarce. Internet financial companies, the industry has nearly thousand size as thousand regiment war, many variables. Jiufu CEO acesun tell hunting cloud network, won’t have much time window for small companies, vertical Internet financial and some opportunities.

$110 million jiufu another round of financing, investors including IDG capital, SIG capital, light express PE funds, etc. They blended in a user scenarios, financial innovation is the consumer demand, with mobile Internet financial markets into the product matrix. Previously, jiufu have obtained 2 rounds of financing, respectively is 2006 yuan in 10 million and $2009 in 3 million.

jiufu was founded in 2006, the financial sector a low-key company is the Internet. From the early financial supermarket network, to the bank of personal finance and small micro financial services, to 2013 mobile Internet financial, at present there are wecash jiufu’s flash silver, wukong finance, stage GO, jingle wallet, crayon, learn loan, little golden ticket, chang and other mobile financial products.

a lot of people like to call jiufu a financial firm, said acesun jiufu more is a standing in the user’s perspective of the Internet financial firms, jingle wallet, crayon, little golden ticket are all internal employees business products, such as jiufu hands-off, big risk control logic to take its own platform, the small risk control logic is different in each product.

about internal entrepreneurship, roughly is such a process, “jiufu grassroots employees find innovative, can put forward to a business plan, audit through after we will give him a virtual ZhiYeBu and investment. If done well, you can set up business; If business continues to expand, can set up the company. We encourage innovation and development, in this way, the expanded the size, involving areas become wide.”

in 2015, for P2P industry is a crucial year. Because the industry pattern will slowly forms, virtually pushed up new entrants to the entry of the enterprise. Acesun believes that the future Internet financial in a particular niche or space, such as the auto industry, but broad imitation followed, there is no market.

jiufu this round of financing will be mainly used for company mobile innovation system construction, such as risk control system, data inquiry, IT system construction and talent introduction, etc. IT system construction, this year’s budget in the past on the basis of 3000-50 million will continue to increase.

at present, large and small Internet financial sector financing nearly A century, more than $50 million of investment are: meaning net 500 million yuan when A round, orange finance $100 million B round, 51 $50 million credit card $50 million B round, jiufu A wheel, boring stage nearly $100 million D wheel, etc. Burn in the field of Internet financial spectacle was comparable to that group-buying, financing to accelerate the market selection, won’t have much time window for small companies.