The vc totalled $48.3 billion last year Record since 2000

on January 16th afternoon message, from the national venture capital association, PWC, according to the latest data and Thomson Reuters last year, with total investment of usd 48.39 billion of America’s venture investment institutions,, the highest since 2000.

although the investment is approaching “. Com bubble era “, and the $19.8 billion to the software startups, but most of the venture capitalist, said last year investment market and the bubble is very different. For example, fast developing nowadays, many companies also achieved good revenue growth.

Insight Venture Partners, a German ยท Mr Parekh (, Deven Parekh) said: “from the view, on the basis of the current Internet models are better than in 2000.” The company invested in alibaba and Twitter.

last year, venture capitalists invested $48.39 billion through the 4356 deal, and the total amount of investment of $29.96 billion in 2013. Since the national venture capital association, since the tracking record came in 2000, the total investment of $105.01 billion.

last year, with $31.81 billion in venture capital to the late start-up company, compared to $2013 for the same period in 2013. Late startup companies tend to attract mutual funds and sovereign wealth funds investment, the investment institutions usually do not invest in start-up companies.

Paris, says the companies will most likely be a bubble. But he also pointed out that many late start-up companies is still a strong growth, so need to use a new way for their valuation. Uber, for example, in December last year’s $40 billion valuation in the round of $1.2 billion in financing.

however, some celebrities have begun calling for investors remain cautious. Venture capitalists Bill gul (Bill Gurley) was Uber investors. He said in September last year, business circle there are already too much risk. The fed in July last year has said for social media industries such as valuations “seem clearly exaggerated”.

In the fourth quarter of last year, according to

, the risk of total investment of $14.75 billion, a single quarter since 2000, the highest risk investment. The risk of investment of $8.82 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013.

all of the risk investment in 2014, the software industry accounted for 41%, its highest since the report began compiling record. Biotechnology and media entertainment ranked second, third, but has a larger gap.

on Thursday, a separate report released by the CB Insights, at $47.3 billion, 2014 U.S. venture capital transaction number is 3617.