The success of intelligent ring Ringly revelation: wearable device utility is not enough light

Ringly is a smart jewelry manufacturers, their jewelry products specifically for women, the product is one high-tech intelligent ring, can be in the form of vibrations and breathing lamp remind calls or text messages. Currently Ringly in Andreesen Horowitz cast has raised $5.1 million.

Ringly the new investors include High Line Ventures and Silas Capital, and investors before the Firs Round Capital, Social Capital +, Mesa +, BBV and PCH.

so far, Ringly financing more than $6.1 million.

Ringly in formally ended its intelligent ring after booking, investors immediately follow. Now Ringly ring has sold in official website, customers can choose according to his be fond of precious stones and materials. Inspiration comes from Christina Mercando ring, she worked as a senior product and design manager worked on eBay. She found that many women are in the habit of put mobile phone in the bag, miss important calls and text messages.

The main functions of the

Ringly is the new information of mobile phone to remind, even when the mobile phone at hand.

from MIT (Massachusetts institute of technology), Carnegie Mellon (Carnegie Mellon) and Stanford university (Stanford) team of designers and engineers to join Ringly company, their professional background include neural science, machine learning and mechatronics.

now Ringly several styles of products. “Launch” series ring texture for 18 k dumb gold and three pieces of micron plate, with precious or semi-precious stones. “Limited” series (Limited edition) ring is rhodium plated texture, with the upper stones electrical albite. “Launch” series of rings have jet pulp, pink sapphire, rainbow moonstone and jade stone four options, and quartz is set limit to “Limited”. Mercando said before Limited series launch, moonstone is the most popular, but now is Limited series of sales of the highest.

the ring synchronization with the iOS or Android applications, users can be set through the application of mobile phone calls, text messages, emails, and even Facebook application way of notification. Ring have four kinds of optional vibration mode, so you can set a particular event into a different way of notification and other news.

although pre-sale ring has been sold out, Ringly still refused to reveal details of the amount of sales, saying only that “sales far beyond expectations”. Mercando said Ringly released this summer products, product sales in a short span of more than eight hours to the expected value, sold 1000 ring within 24 hours. The price of the ring also rose from $145 to $145.


part of the first batch of customers have received the ring in December last year, the company is now fully completed the rest of the order. But would be a lot faster now, such as if you set the ring today, it probably will be in April.

as many other wearable devices, Ringly in the face of one of the challenges is to extend battery life. The current ring battery life for 2 to 3 days, but they Ringly is clever in the ring box itself into a charger. You just need to put the ring on the box, plug in USB cable can recharge ring. (about women now also need intelligent jewelry box?)

“since the delivery, we have received many positive feedback, and we also in the small range of finishing and achieve long-term change. We always attach great importance to improve the connection of stability and extend battery life.” Mercando said.

now Ringly team a total of 12 full-time members. Part of new funds will be used to recruit more engineers and designers, at the same time will also increase the company’s jewelry category, add a new function, will also with other popular logo and designers to launch more design.

Mercando mentioned, the tide of the new dressing equipment will contain more of the other elements, including the new rings and bracelets. She also suggests the Ringly will likely to cooperate with other vendors.