The Spring Festival continues to spell! Yi letter free telephone enlarge recruit

in WeChat telephone this aura subsided by public opinion, the industry began to have the patience to learn more about easecredit “free call”. At easecredit embarrassing when online free call function is considered to be in the fight against micro letter the phone book, in fact, the goal of easy letter is not believe the phone book, but it was the micro letter, and hope that through a free phone bring more user growth.

“social” + “strategic communication” clear

easecredit birth is a desire with micro letter against the standard set of IM and SNS mobile social products. World social products too much, however, yi letter because of a late start and hard WeChat, vertical market segments and can’t meet the netease and telecommunications market ambitions, so we all have a very long period of time in thinking about how to do a national social.

in the aspect of social function, easy letter has been trying to, circle of friends, asking, bask in the sun, carpooling, encounter is to improve social active users also played an obvious effect. Since the second half of last year, the development of telecom and netease began to easecredit clearer, “communications” function to become easily the core focus of the letter. Hu Chen office easecredit CEO after combed the letter after the growth process, for easy to believe the “social” and “communication” fusion and complementary strategy on two legs, on the basis of the existing social functions began to intensify investment in communication function, easy letter is 3.0 mobile social communication products in the true sense of the door to pry open the free calls.

easecredit kill – free call

in micro letter, hand Q, easy letters, devoted to devoted to mobile IM products such as a direct impact on operators SMS business, more and more users began to trigger the longing for free telephone, although hand Q, micro letter has launched a so-called free telephone, but it is based on WiFi or 3 g/4 g data network VOIP phone. Data that is out of the network environment, free phone functions will be failure, this gave easecredit market opportunities.

in Hu Chen view, acquaintances social WeChat did good thing, but in communication on this matter, we are doing is not good enough “. Direction, in fact, communication is easy to believe the best in the mobile Internet market opportunity, in the free calls gradually into the trend of the market environment, we get the great support of the telecommunications field, will is an ace of long-term communication technology of application in the enterprise market to provide “easecredit line” can be realized in the true sense of free phone functions.

during the Spring Festival this year, telecom is big for easily believe users with 999 minutes long line free call letter. Any time during the day to people, easy to believe users will enjoy the privilege of free dial the mobile phone or landline number, and the called party need not install any software, the calling process does not produce flow and any additional costs.

happy New Year, parties and other activities during the Spring Festival is voice communication consumption peak, easy to believe that on the one hand to improve its market influence is also practical for everyone brought tangible benefits. During the Spring Festival period this year 999 minutes free telephone, is easy to believe played a beautiful turnaround, in other companies for the red envelopes full of cash head, easy letter has the chance to break into a free phone market.

easecredit is netease, telecommunications, wireless “trump card”

it is not just a free telephone, if depth using easecredit, its role in saving money spending is good. For users, easy letter special line, network telephone, international phone calls, many phone, free text messages, phone messages, and other functions to easecredit had a reason to not be unloaded, and the use function such as free telephone, free SMS, free to leave a message when the called party does not need to install easy letter, the letter more advantages than other similar products.

easy letter must have realised that in the big market of mobile social communication, only to survive, to have the opportunity to turn over. Through to provide users with high-quality free communication function, at least let yi letter in the user’s phone have a reason to “live”, only have a chance to live the accumulation of production and active, which will form the social system belongs to the yi letter.

look a little face, but for easecredit, netease, telecommunications in drew not like a situation now, so only in a mobile social communication of the road until you come to the dark, though the micro letter in mobile social advantage on the market is very big, the mobile communications market is undergoing changes might bring an unexpected harvest.

now easecredit remains a preeminent free telephone, mobile, unicom, there is still no obvious signs of follow up, and the other Internet companies do not have telecom technology, resources and capital strength, want to really can maintain such a market environment, we will be able to pass a free phone functions to open the door to the whole mobile social communication.

although the industry market high requirements for easy letter let it has been in the proliferation of doubts, but in continuous product innovation, netease and telecom uninterrupted input, easecredit acting as a wireless both hands “trump card”. Easecredit now has 150 million registered users, from the point of users scale and development speed, the growth of yi letter to netease and telecom is vital to the performance of the mobile Internet market in the future.

article/Wang Liyang

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