The red wedding industry, xi netting just want to quietly make a material communicator?

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

a lot of new people when they are about to hold the wedding, often confused, don’t know what good wedding, ideal elements in how to operate in the real world. Xi netting was established to address the pain points of market, which aims to “make the wedding more easily”, brings together all the information related to the wedding, offers inspiration for the new people’s wedding, looking for service team.

hi netting Peng Quan soldier before startup founder of the stay in shenzhen, successively in zte, Microsoft, huawei engaged in IT technology development related work. Starting xi netting later returned to chengdu, because of his wife, “my wife has been engaged in the related work of the wedding from do wedding planning wedding makeup artist. I often help her to think about the inspiration of wedding planning ideas, and over the wall to find a classic case in foreign websites, so imperceptible hand have a lot of wedding planning related resources.” Peng convective cloud network said.

in 2011 when their husband and wife go to phuket for a couple of months, a lot of photos, in these beautiful photos and previously collected data, peng made “wedding material collector” sina weibo account, established an endorsement of the net friend let them have the idea, so on March 31, 12 xi netting was formally established. Xi netting team a total of nine people at present, mainly operating and edit member.

in the netting on the home page, there is “find inspiration”, “overseas wedding”, “color”, “partners” and “inspiration” functions such as plate, new people can understand the various dazzling on the site of the wedding photos, decorate a process, and so on.

and hunting before cloud network reported wedding wedding project comparison, such as wedding reservation platform, main overseas wedding trip, etc.), what is the distinguishing feature of xi netting? “Xi netting is a disseminator, the role of the foreign material, photographs, templates, domestic excellent team work, spread to the couple there, do not thinking of newcomers to find inspiration.” Peng Quan soldier convective cloud network said, “on the one hand, we take the initiative to collect good wedding team, on the other hand the team can also contribute to us, after we review and ensure the quality of the premise, through our channels to release out, browse or netting a lot of new people, see desirable work will contact them for their wedding services.”

it is known that xi netting has been with the national 180 excellent wedding team established partnership system, business model mainly from the consideration on the partner system now. Xi netting on recently launched A round of funding, App is plan launched in August this year.

Internet + wedding industry, has given rise to a large number of variable quality wedding wedding project, a lot of good projects also sweep, market share a piece of cake. The author’s opinion, has set up more than three years or the development of the netting is easy, perhaps is because its value the quality of the material provided and wedding wedding partner, the next step, xi netting may be on the identity of the “material disseminator” add more new features, etc. Mom-and-pop stores like netting in the future, hunting cloud network will continue to focus on.