The questionnaire network announced $5.5 million B round, future products will go to mobile development

today announced a $5.5 million B round, star of excessive capital by China, lenovo, lenovo group le fund joint capital injection, etc. Network questionnaire in 2013 won A star of lenovo, lenovo group, suzhou industrial park venture capital fund joint series A investment of $ten million.

network questionnaire by Shanghai the network development, in July 2013 formally launched, the team has more than 80 people. Late to provide users with online surveys, online forms, the evaluation function, users can design and testing, teaching test, staff appraisal assessment questionnaire.

founder to garrison said in an interview with hunting cloud network, want to “test” questionnaire network function integrated into a small letter public platforms, in tool posture to join WeChat ecosystem. In addition, the products will be mobile development.

to garrison to hunt cloud network, according to the questionnaire web users have already reached $600000, this round of financing is mainly used for the product and technology upgrade, recruitment and the expansion of the market, etc.

offer a similar service startup and domestic such as: MaiKe network, data, survey, questionnaire magnitude.