The President’s star reporter: Obama is such as web celebrity

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cloud network hunting note: from QQ bear report to Buzzfeed video to chicken feathers show, Mr Obama seems to open the floodgates to the path of the jokes in hand, in order to promote the care is also very hard. About why early in Medium released a state of the union speech or why President will develop into red, you can find the answer in the interview.

for most reporters, even those involved in politics, have no chance to sit with the President of the United States to interview. But in January this year, three YouTube sensation got the chance. They chatted and Mr Obama unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and the problem of network neutrality, also asked what he want to have superpowers. Then there are 3 million fans GloZell Green took out her iconic Green lipstick to the leader of the free world, and said: “the first wife for you.” Mr Obama is somewhat at a loss, he said: “do you know what I don’t know?”

Dan Pfeiffer is the President of the senior consultant, responsible for communication with the outside of the White House, in his opinion embarrassed can yet be regarded as a good thing: high above the heads of state at a certain moment showing frankness can close the distance between he and many supporters. Pfeiffer from first ran for President barack Obama has always around him, in broadening the channels for his communication with the people of the United States play an important role in the process. Barack Obama and Zach Galifianakis in be hilarious or Die on teasing each other, pushing the health care, with the local meteorological anchor chatted climate, and over a period of Buzzfeed make a face in the mirror in the video. Was in the White House also Facebook, Twitter and Medium, and even break precedent in the President’s speech as the state of the union before released a speech on the Medium.

recently, away from the White House the night before the Pfeiffer agree with Backchannel talk about their strategy, Shared his views on current and future political media landscape. Is one of the most striking prediction: the future of the White House could produce content, which will undoubtedly bring no small impact on the traditional media.

here’s the interview content, made the appropriate modification for clearly stated:

Steven Levy : in the process of you is responsible for communication with the outside of the White House, the President is one of the landmark events in the form of “unconventional”, the idea come from and what specific implementation?

Dan Pfeiffer : I participated in the 2008 campaign, we are very proud to a different approach, make full use of network and the power of social media. Elected after we have established some outdated infrastructure at the White House. For reasons of information security, all of us are forbidden to use any social media, so you have to reconsider how to our network strategy is combined with the provisions of the White House. We recognize that in the process of campaigning in the era of nowadays there are many choices, only rely on the mainstream of the old channel to contact people is not enough, so in the first few years, we not only use the traditional method, and also on Facebook to communicate with people, enrich our web content.

after the 2012 election, the pace of change has accelerated, we had contact with the people’s way gradually can not meet our requirements. The influence of traditional news reported decreased greatly. How to convey the information we want to send out, we met with some difficulties, but at the same time, due to the development of social media, anecdotal and there are some rumors in the air. So we try to adopt the strategy of “extensive cultivation”, and accept the rules of the traditional political don’t have to take the risk.

on your first try, such as YouTube and Facebook appearance, you still use the traditional media language, but at some point you take the new channels.

yes, at first we think zuckerberg’s interview with “60 minutes” Steve Kroft interview is no different, but gradually we found in different situations have different performance. After the mid-term elections, Obama told us to redouble our efforts, enhance the innovative and aggressive. He think that when you want to good how to communicate with people in the network world to win the battle, authenticity is the key to the online world. But in politics, the rules is the key, and sometimes may be a little bit nervous atmosphere. So we decided to take the additional risk. Buzzfeed is an excellent example. We know Buzzfeed video can cause a good reaction in the audience and social media, but may cause some commentators and media critics accuse.

these flattering things to do we need to take some of the blame. We are willing to do anything possible to avoid talking to the White House press corps, it are not within our strategy. Such a thing will attract criticism.

your strategy and Nixon on Laugh In or Clinton on Arsenio Hall what is the difference between blow sachs?

in some respects actually makes no difference. All politicians are looking for a show their model, show their true self. The difference is we are trying to communicate with the specific crowd gathered at a particular location, and use their favorite way to communicate. Vox interview, if we accept that we are on the readers of the Vox political orientation, interview, answered the question of political orientation. Buzzfeed is different, that is why we can and Ben Smith serious interview can also be funny video recording, because different people want to see something different.

this discrimination is very challenging for the White House. Can’t you just by the national television address to communicate with 150 million people, in order to achieve the President’s speech before can achieve the effect, and 30 times harder to pay for you. But the benefit is that you can directly communicate with people. Before there are so diversified channels, the Washington press corps can lead the day’s news, such as ebola, it will occupy all of the news pages, this problem is certainly worth attention, but we don’t want to subject is limited to ebola, we also want to promote health bill, preparing for registration season. We may not have promotion channel ten years ago, but now the President can answer a lot of questions about the ebola, as well as on WebMD health services (website) to promote health bill.

what indicators to measure the effects of this practice achieved?

there is. In Between Two Ferns at the end of the video (that is, in be hilarious or Die Galifianakis interview that) there is a link, we found that there are many people clicked on the link and to fill in the registration application form of the health care bill. Buzzfeed video for Healthcare. The site has brought more traffic.

these events show that the President would like to try something different. What you suggest is he felt no President “fei” and rejected?

carefully before we told him about this choice. Like Between Two Ferns video, because in healthcare. The site of the issues we’ve been far behind, so must intensify propaganda. But some things rely on intuition. We are willing to try something to others without President fan, I have been think people would like to see their President, from time to time is not so serious. He has a gift for comedy very much, so did very well in the video.

did you say to the authenticity. Look at the video for the first time, you will feel “day lulu the President made a great sacrifice”, but look at the five times six times won’t have the feeling of shock. How to avoid the truth into a funny?

this is what we must pay attention to, for everything we do must pay attention to this, even the most boring speech round round. But we must always remind ourselves at the White House, we can only pay attention to what the President did, if you look at ESPN, our Facebook page, news media audience, you will find that very few people watch video twice, not to mention the three times. Only old stare at his people will think he exposed too much, the average person doesn’t think so.

I think your behaviour is only a grandstanding and YouTube reds of the interview.

we can easily find the New York times columnist to talk about our climate plan, but the influential people in the network, such as YouTube sensation, we also want to talk to their fans. I know there must be a traditional Washington correspondent to criticize us, say those who ask only a few easy question, but in fact they asked questions are their fans would like to ask, this also is the reason why they are so popular. This does not take the place of the White House press conference or the traditional mainstream media, is just another way to try to attract attention.

you Medium published in advance the state of the union speech, this kind of behavior to break all the rules in the White House internal debate?

this is disputed by slightly. Once you said to violate a lasted for decades of traditional, people will feel some not satisfied, but as long as to explain the principle, they would approve of. I personally think that ban speech released in advance is a bit ridiculous. Every 20 or 30 minutes before the speech at the White House issued a speech, the reporter put it to the news of the people in Washington, and then send it to their friends, so that everyone in Washington have a chance to watch the speech, and not the public. So we think now that people can see Washington, why other people can’t see? Put it in a longer for people to read the content of website has a great effect, we think that people can receive these content, better believe others will choose this way. That after a few days, Mitt Romney announced that he quit the race, and published on the Medium.

I think everyone should be in the Medium published content.

a must. This is not the subject of the conversation? (in fact, the last day of work at Pfeiffer also released on Medium farewell letter.)

I heard you to some of silicon valley bosses seeking advice on how to communicate with the audience, and who you talked about, learned from them?

I don’t want to specifically what kind of person, I let them all to keep a low profile. We in New York and silicon valley with all major social platform and work in the digital industry, sales were carried out, the vc industry related personnel exchanges, to predict the next will be what kind of science and technology. One of the purposes of this project is to ensure that our perfect plan won’t appear unexpected things. Environment is full of variables.

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