The pen of a true “cloud” Smartmarker: help you to record any plane written content in real time

we remember Equil Smartpen start-up, a kind of can record your notes and graffiti, and sending them to the cloud even equipment directly convert them to text. Today is to introduce the new product of this company Smartmarker. Smartmarker and Smartpen function is similar, but the two also have notable difference. Smartmarker more superior in terms of domestic sex, but who can wipe the surface to make a play.

open Smartmarker packaging, we can see two of the most important components: this product can be put into marker of plastic pen body and a job which is used to record the data of the receiver. The receiver can “see” and record Smartmarker users within the scope of the eight feet radius of written content. The user works thus becomes quite flexible.

even better, write with Smartmarker almost won’t have any unnatural feeling. It is essentially a joined the logging water mark pen. Water based markers used knows that looking for a special replacement ink core is how a headache. While this Equil company’s new invention for you to leave out the trouble, can in almost any stationery shop to buy the markers can be used to match with them.

Smartmarker plastic pen body itself is not high technology content. Receiver is different, it can store the equivalent of 1000 pieces of white board because of the amount of information, as well as with bluetooth connection to the tablet computer, mobile phone to transmit data.

however pen body is not so simple no bright spot. Pen body is close to a have a cap can replace the plastic ring, divided into red three color black and blue. By choosing different plastic ring, notes in electronic notebooks color will change accordingly. This function is very suitable for people of common writing situation, through the use of different plastic ring, we can easily identify notes from different people.

for easily misspell words or picture is not a straight line users, Equil is also close to make matching white an eraser cap. With that, the picture in the wrong part can be easily erased from the whiteboard and application at the same time. If you want to erase part of the larger, can choose white an eraser cursor, is very convenient.

when it comes to Smartmarker form a complete set of application, have to mention its particular note of stream function. When one of the users on the whiteboard writing, the application can nearly real-time transfer the notes to other users, this feature makes it a potential office tool.

the application greatly superior to most of the market in terms of user experience on a conference call application. With it, in a conference call to show the concept becomes much more convenient, can easily upload file Dropbox meeting notes.

Source: TC

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