The opposite: main dating contextualized strangers, dry lulu to “social learning”

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social market is a piece of the red sea, but there is also a new products online, people’s deep need make entrepreneurs constantly looking for new opportunity, product update iteration. Hunting before cloud network reported on many social App, such as the flagship of anonymous social , as a couple social as the breakthrough point of the and based on the second network . Key point of differentiation to become social App, hunting cloud network reported today in entertainment dating as the breakthrough point, is a main contextualized stranger dating mobile social applications.

the App is launched in early 2013, the current team a total of more than 70 people, the founder of Zhou Congwei and its team members have many years of working experience in the Internet. Zhou Congwei told hunting cloud network: “so far, the opposite had 25 million registered users, the user is given priority to with young groups such as after the 80-90 , on the basis of the stranger weak relationship, through the scene makes friends play, gradually online emotional cultivation, creating virtual second life.”

is a into the game elements across the interactive social product, is a weak relationship between precipitation and the other is the dating game. create multiple communication scenarios, through online entertainment of friends play to attract users. From the other side of the user to enter the App, meet friends, to form a relationship, in the entertainment activities to establish feelings, form their own small circle, chat, making friends, dating, marriage and so on a series of online virtual game, build online social loop.

the other side of the core idea is through the entertainment to make friends, build online second life, let the user get in it. In addition to the above mentioned different starting points of the game, opposite APP announced in the company to set up the “guide”, and hire a star signing dry lulu as chief as a beauty. Zhou Congwei in an interview with hunting cloud network, said: “the dry lulu as opposite of chief learning American architect, main responsibility is to audit the reality photos, according to user’s past behavior, identify the users with high quality of high credibility, build healthy real social networking environment, convenient and find like-minded people to each other, improve the success rate of dating”.

it is understood that to concentrate the region across the App through comparing with young people on campus publicity attracted the first seed users, and then through the online word of mouth to improve user data. After two years of precipitation, the App now is in a state of profitability, main profit points is to rely on App built-in virtual gifts, member of value-added services, such as virtual items.

about future expansion direction, the App will also attempt to virtual married, build a nest, video, special function such as game plates, by continuously improve products to ensure that the user viscosity.

social App now has a lot of, functional features, entrepreneurs are also feeling the stones across the river. In my opinion, though the App to find a new starting point, but the product flow and the user experience is any products need to face the problem, the App is now the most important thing is to improve the user experience, to provide users with more social new way.